Wellness Investment

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

I’d like to help you brainstorm ways to save up for the Transforming Lives Program, which is a Wellness Investment!

You can cut back or eliminate the follow and save up in no time at all!

*Mani/Pedi (Great way to avoid toxins as well.)

*Going to the movies (Get out and walk in nature, fresh air and sunshine never hurt anyone. Spend time playing games with your family.)

*Restaurants / Fast food (Great way to also improve health and lose weight.)

*Fancy morning coffee (Less sugar / GMOs and more energy.)

*Cigarettes / alcohol / wine (Save a ton of money, increases energy/health and eliminate caffeine and addiction issues.)

*Clothes (Who are you trying to impress anyway?!)

*Magazine and Newspaper subscriptions (Do you really read them? You can read for free on the web or at the library.)

*Hair coloring / Perm or straitening treatments (Great way to avoid toxins.)

*Hold off on buying the latest electronic gadget. (Less EMFs and blue lights may help you to sleep better.)

*Cable TV (Get off the couch, engage in life)

*Cut back on kid’s after school activates (Less stress for them, more time to be a kid!)

*To generate income, have a yard sale or sell stuff on eBay (Bonus – you now have less clutter.)

*Ask for the Transforming Lives Program for Christmas or your birthday. (The Program is a great gift for you and your family. Your Health is Priceless!)

And last but not least, we find time and money for the things that ARE really important to us. Is your health important to you? If your child was sick, I bet you’d find the money to take care of them!

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