Free Stuff!

I offer these services for free:



*Guest Blogs and Articles

*Facebook Coaching Page

*Facebook Autoimmune Thrivers Group (Facebook Lives)



*Pinterest (Anti-inflammatory Recipes)


*6 Week Coaching Series (6 Weeks To A More Amazing you!)

*Classes & Workshops

*30 minute Phone Consultation


* Meet and greets at health and wellness events/fairs & local health food stores, as well as local businesses

*NEW – YouTube Videos

As I give away so much valuable information for free, this does not mean my services are free. 

The following services are NOT free:

*The 3 month General Health and Wellness Coaching Program (Offered one on one to individuals or couples.)

*The 6 month Transforming Lives Coaching Program. (Offered one on one to individuals or couples.)

*The 3 month Group Transforming Lives Coaching Program

*The D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® Protocol. (Or test kits.)

*1 hour ‘Tune Up’ Wellness sessions. (Offered to those who completed the 6 month program.)

*As well as my time and expertise from personal experience, webinars, summits, reading, learning and training through the last two decades. (I am unavailable for you to “pick my brain.”)

When you are serious about investing your health, I’ll be serious about helping you!! 

These clients can attest to that!

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