Sugar Blues Class Was A Success

25 attended the FIRST Lunch & Learn at the Hanover VNA!

Here’s what people are saying about Health Coach Amanda’s Sugar Blues Class:

*Great Info, New Info, Good Tips, Very Informative
*Wonderful tips and teaching
*Really makes you think about everything good and bad that you may be eating and not even know it
*I learned about the amount of hidden sugar in foods
*This is a great way to improve your health and lose weight
*Things I thought were good to eat, actually are not. I found I eat more sugar than I had thought. This was an eye opener!
*I was surprised to find out how much sugar is in the food we eat
*I learned about how sugar affects our body
*Thank you for teaching us how to calculate how much sugar is in products
*I like the Sugar Substitutes chart

Enjoy the 7 recipes you received!

If you missed this event, watch the Event Page for future classes:

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UPDATE:  After the Sugar Blues Class, the VNA turned my Lunch & Learn hour, handouts and lecture into a test.  If employees attended the class and passed the test, it was counted toward their monthly requirement for in-house hours!  So glad I was able to help them personally and professionally.  

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