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Check out Holistic Health Coach Amanda’s New Business Facebook Page! This Facebook page will help you find support and natural approaches to help Autoimmune conditions such as Crohn’s and Hashimotos.

Are you in need of a Holistic Dentist?

Dr. Pentti Nupponen is the Dentist I went to, to have my silver/mercury amalgam fillings removed and replaced.  Mercury is very harmful to the body for many reasons, including harming thyroid health and is one of the causes of candida overgrowth.  I did do the dental compatibility testing and as it…

Healthy Grocer’s ~ Practitioners Health Fair

Meet area Holistic Practitioners during Healthy Grocer’s Practitioners Health Fair celebrating our 19th Anniversary. Learn about their services, get answers to questions and enjoy mini services. Meet Practitioners: Susquehanna Dental Arts PC, Safe Mercury-Free Dentistry Becki Siconolfi, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Amanda Goodwin, Holistic Health Coach Enjoy Mini Sessions (First Come….