Are you in need of a Holistic Dentist?

Dr. Pentti Nupponen is the Dentist I went to, to have my silver/mercury amalgam fillings removed and replaced.  Mercury is very harmful to the body for many reasons, including harming thyroid health and is one of the causes of candida overgrowth.  I did do the dental compatibility testing and as it turns out, I am allergic to mercury.  For 18 years I was poisoning my body from the mercury in my mouth.  Every time I brushed, drank and ate!  I continue to go to his office for my dental cleanings.  The office staff is very nice.  I also appreciate Pentti’s art / sculpting background, to enhance his ability in rebuilding the tooth to be cosmetically pleasing.  His Digital Radiographs, are cutting edge and have 90% less radiation, compared to other X-ray machines!  He does not use BPA amalgams or fluoride, but does offer a walnut rinse. (Also good for thyroid health.) Here is a little more info from his page:

…”Dr. Nupponen is one of the few dentists in the Central PA-Greater Harrisburg Area who have been trained in both cosmetic and holistic dentistry.

“It is very important to match each cosmetic patient with the right dental material to achieve the ultimate, health focused cosmetic results,” says Dr. Nupponen.

“Understanding the relationship between oral health and total health is very important when performing any type of dentistry.  Cosmetic dentistry is meant to last a long time and look great throughout,” continues Dr. Nupponen. “Some cases fail because the dental materials used did not match the patient’s biology, support the occlusion (patient bite) or achieve the desired result,” he concludes. “We offer dental material compatibility testing to patients who are interested in these issues.”

–Pentti J. Nupponen, DMD, MAGD, CNC, FIAOMT”

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