A Local Farm Needs Your Help

“Transource Energy is proposing to build an Extra High Voltage (EHV) power transmission line straight through the middle of our 5th generation Family Cow organic farm!

A 3000 ft stretch of our farm drawn in as a proposed route for a series of 135 foot tall towers supporting Extra High Voltage (EHV) Transmission lines.

At first, the lines will carry 230,000 volts (230 kV). The lines could carry up to 500,000 – 700,000 volts in the future.

Transource has not yet made a firm decision as to the exact route of these new lines. But they are down to three options of which our farm is one. They will finalize their decision in a few weeks.

And they are taking public comment now. We gave ours. When we told them that we’re sure our Family Cow Tribe would not be happy with this prospect either, they specifically asked for your comments.

If Transource decides they want to build the powerline on our farm, they will force it through. We will not have any say whatsoever. In the first 5 minutes of our meeting last week the power company rep pointed out that they will use eminent domain if they need to.

If they do that… we’d likely be forced to sell out. High voltage power lines are simply not compatible with the unique pasture shelter/structures that are so integral to our new-grass-every-day pasture movements of cows and chickens and turkeys.

Just think about it. Steel hoop structures, 12-15 feet tall, plumbed with water, being moved around and under 230,000 – 700,000 volt power lines!

Even if I tried, I probably couldn’t design a more perfect antenna to attract and amplify the already freaky amount of stray radiant voltage that Extra High Voltage power lines are known for.

Do I Exaggerate Stray Voltage?

Check out this dramatic family photo” and how to help: http://www.icontact-archive.com/NGPZGNZ0MsM61WcVJ3rpFu_-I9xjmw-v?w=4