A New Year, A New You!

Have You Made New Years Resolutions to Improve Your health?

45% of people polled make some sort of resolution, only 8% stick to them.  Most give up by the end of February!

Why not give yourself the gift of wellness?  Give me a call to set up a FREE Health Consultation, so we can evaluate your health and goals.  I can guide you to make S.M.A.R.T goals that are attainable.  As your Health Coach I will be there to guide you and  help you to actually stick to your new years resolutions this year.  Wouldn’t that feel great?!  Wouldn’t it be great to actually have lost weight and feel confident in your summer clothes in 2015?

On a personal note, 1-1-2015 marks 10 years since I started out on my healthy eating journey.  The book that got me started was, “The Maker’s Diet” by Jordan Rubin.  It’s hard to believe that was 10 years ago. It’s been a long road, but taking my health into my own hands has been worth it!

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