Are you being “Pinkwashed”? Part One

Breast Cancer Awareness Part One

Today I’m writing about Breast Cancer Awareness as it is the first day of October.

I want to point out that I do not run for “the cure”. This just puts money in the pockets of big corporations, very little goes to research. We should be running for the cause! What causes cancer? Could it be our toxic food, water and air? Fifty percent of people are now expected to get cancer in their lifetime. That’s not genetics in all cases. Foundations are dedicated to researching things like more powerful drugs, genetic triggers, and so on. There is very little, if any, money dedicated to lifestyle factors that may be preventative, or any alternative treatments. Studies have shown receiving a standard mammogram yearly, significantly increase cancer rates. Mammograms are radiation, and more exposure to radiation (earlier in life and more frequent) will lead to increased rates of cancer. The foundations also have ill-chosen partnerships, ie KFC. This is a terrible idea because eating their ‘food’ will actually promote cancer.

We do have natural alternative cures available. Chemo is a toxic poison to the body, and when confronted with the diagnoses of cancer themselves, many doctors refuse treatment. The other thing that gets me mad about the conventional outlook on cancer treatments is how they determine what is ‘successful.” Did you know, all that matters is that the size of the tumor shrank…not the quality of life or if that person dies? If the tumor shrank, and the patient dies, it is still considered as successful and becomes part of the “success rates” of the drug. If you survive, chemo promotes an environment in the body that leads to more cancer later in life.

**We also have alternatives to dangerous mammograms.  Try thermal imaging which non invasive, painless, contains no radiation, has no body contact, is FDA approved, is more effective (earlier detection), safe and FDA approved.  If something is found on the thermal imaging scans, you can always follow up with a ultra sound, which is also what is done if something is found on a mammogram.  “Before you can feel it….thermal imaging can see it!” 

The following chart, showing safer, earlier detection, is what convinced me to have my base line scans performed in my mid 20s.

thermal-imaging-earlier-detection“Clinical Thermography may provide answers in the diagnosis of pain and pathology.  X-ray, CT, Ultrasound, and MRI etc., are all test of “anatomy” that measure body structure.  Thermography is unique in its capability to show physiological changes and metabolic processes.”**

Modern Alternative Mama* points out that “In fact, independent doctors who are actually curing cancer naturally are being shut down! They’re being harassed, arrested, fined, even jailed for daring to provide consenting adults with natural treatments. These are board certified doctors, who are doing nothing wrong. They are doctors who have found treatments with no side effects (or few) and success rates in the 80 – 90% range. And they are being shut down!
• Dr. Burzynski
• Dr. Budwig
• Dr. Gonzalez
• Charlotte Gerson”

We also have a lot of control as to whether or not we get cancer. Our genes are only part of the puzzle; how we live and treat our bodies is another part. If you give the body what it wants and take away what it does not want, it can thrive! No part of our body is synthetic, so how can a synthetic drug be helpful?

Come back later in the month for proactive tips.

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 *Modern Alternative Mama Source:

**Info on Thermal Imaging came from Advanced Thermal Imaging – A Vibrant Vision of Your Health! I encourage you to please visit this site and learn much more about thermal imaging and breast health.