Are you being “Pinkwashed”? Part Two

Breast Cancer Awareness Part Two

Earlier in the month I discussed why I do not donate money to foundations for Cancer Awareness. After all, we are all ‘aware’ of cancer.

Today let’s look at some ways that may hinder cancer:

*Eliminate all sugar from your diet. Don’t think you are eating sugar? Read the labels, it’s in everything, even baby food! It has many ‘names.’ For example you may know about HFCS.
*Cut all processed junk foods from your diet.
*Avoid GMOs. These have been shown to cause cancer.
*Avoid artificial sweeteners, as they too have been linked to cancer and to cause diabetes.
*Eat an anti-inflammatory diet such as: Paleo, Autoimmune Paleo (AIP), Mediterranean, Wahl’s Protocol or BALi.
*Have your doctor check for any nutritional deficiencies. We need to have all vitamins and minerals balanced to work properly. Especially Vitamin D! Iodine is also important in breast health.
*It’s important to have a healthy gut in order to have a strong immune system. Optimize digestion. Avoid any food allergies or sensitivities or foods that cause leaky gut, such as wheat!
*Make sure you have healthy blood sugar numbers. Around 80 when fasting in the morning and 110-120 after eating. If it’s higher, that indicated inflammation and you could be feeding the cancer with all that sugar. Cancer LOVES sugar, it thrives on it.
*Along the same vein, make sure you do not have SIBO, candida or yeast issues, which may also allow overgrowth to occur. Consume targeted probiotics.
*Avoid soy and soy products, as it is estrogen mimicking. We know high estrogen levels increase your risk of cancer.
*Avoid plastic water bottles and containers and BPAs which increase estrogen dominance.
*Stop using deodorant that contains aluminum.
*Do not wear bras that have under-wire as it blocks the lymphatic system.
*Avoid toxins in cleaning and beauty products. Go for natural alternatives.
*Have your doctor check for heavy metal poisoning (from fillings, contaminated water, vaccines etc.).
*Consume Fish Oil, for the beneficial anti-inflammatory properties of Omega-3s.
*Eat lots of cruciferous veggies to keep your body detoxing all the chemicals we are exposed to.
*Make sure your liver is not sluggish, so it can clear out those toxins. (As well as your kidneys)
*Consume plenty of green leafy and colorful veggies to support your mitochondria.
*Purple/Dark Red produce slows the growth of cancer cells, fill up your plate.
*Avoid all alcohol, even wine.
*Caffeine has been shown to increase breast nodules. Caffeine is very acidic which leads me to my next point.
*Eat more Alkaline forming foods, while avoiding acid forming foods. You can test saliva and urine with PH test strips and adjust your diet accordingly. You may also want to consider the issue of food combining.  Not combining fruit with other foods or fruit with other fruit for example, some feel this may be a cause of cancer.
*Bromelain (think pineapple), ginger, pectin, flax, flavanoids, apricot seeds (which have B17) and baking soda have also been found to be beneficial in beating all kinds of cancers.
*Drink green and or Essiac Tea. Essiac was an Indian remedy for cancer.
*Get regular scans at your local Thermal Imaging location, this is known at Thermograhy. It is safer and catches changes much more quickly than mammograms. If something is detected you can try castor oil / flax packs. (Not while menstruating.) You can also follow up with an Ultrasound.
*Exercise to get the lymphatic system moving. Also try Dry Brushing before you shower.
*Get 8-9 hours of sleep. Wind down 3 hrs before bed, by avoiding blue light, from electronic screens.
*Balance your hormones. Take caution with using progesterone cream too long as it can build up in the fatty tissue.
*Manage your stress level with yoga, deep breathing, and meditation.
*Learn about EMF (Electromagnetic fields) and how to avoid them. Do not carry your cell phone around in your pocket or bra!
*Massage Essential oils on your breasts such as a blend of: Lemon, sweet orange, lavender, geranium, frankincense, nerolina sweet marjoram, and rose.


As you can see we have a lot of things that we CAN do to alter our future health.

Keep in mind you can do everything ‘right’ and still get cancer. Perhaps it is a learning tool for you. Maybe it’s a wake-up call to pay attention to your body and its subtle clues. Maybe we need to get a hold of our emotions and address childhood wounds, or past traumas. (You may find EFT/Tapping helpful for this.) Maybe we were not as healthy as we thought we were. We still have a lot to learn about nutrition and its role in our body. Our bodies love us, and don’t want us to pass. We need to take care of it as best as possible and be thankful for what is working in our lives.

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I hope you found this blog to be empowering, and inspired you to take your health back!

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*The information provided in this blog are general guidelines and tips and should be viewed as such. Before trying any new supplement, exercise program or dietary lifestyle, check with your doctor first. We are all vastly different human beings, who came to Dis-ease from varying causes. Therefore everyone’s journey will be different.