Are You Sabotaging Your Health?

3 Reasons why you overeat, or are unable to follow a new way of eating…OR why you may only be able to follow a meal plan for a short time.

1. Pain KillerUsing food/alcohol for a sedative, to zone out from life! To check out and to avoid past trauma. Burring your pain with food. 

2. EscapeEscaping your fear!  You use food to ‘check out’, to not feel or face your fears. You do not want to feel or be present because you do not want to feel anxiety.  This can also happen when you are a people pleaser and do not have strong boundaries in place.  You “do” for everyone all day, you are an A type personality, you are over-responsible all day; and then when night time comes you are tired of taking care of everyone and want to ‘reward’ yourself with food. You may become resentful or run down and then find yourself binging as a way to finally find some ‘me time.’

3. PunishmentUsing food as an instant reward, which later actually feel more like punishment.   When you overeat, go on a binge, or fall off the bandwagon, you are stuffed and feel sick, but you still may not stop eating. The next day you are bloated and have a breakout of acne. This is not really a reward; this is your way of punishing yourself. Which leads to underlying guilt, secret eating, beating yourself up and loathing.  Ask yourself, WHY am I punishing myself?  Are you overly sensitive, overly hard on yourself, are you beating yourself up for how the day went? (What you did and didn’t do, what you did and didn’t say…. what someone said to you.) What was meant to be a reward, has now become a punishment. 

These 3 Reasons Are Why 98% Of Diets Fail.

You need to ADDRESS emotions.  When you decide to become healthy and take certain foods away, you’ve taken away your crutch!  When the crutch is gone, you’ll need to find a deeper solution as to why you needed and why used the food in the first place. Go deeper to find emotional freedom. It takes work to address the pain, fear and guilt so that you no longer rely on food to keep you “safe.”

In my coaching programs we address something called “Primary Foods.”  This addresses the deeper, non-food ways of nourishing our soul/body.  This concept explains why food or alcohol will not fill a hole that may be in your life due to a stressful, dead-end job or failing marriage. 

When you have problems like these you cannot have foods in ‘moderation.’ There is no such thing! A little bit of sugar is just going to leave you wanting more.  There is no off switch for an over-eater to stop eating.  Address the underlying cause so that you can have a healthy relationship with food and you will find that you’ll make healthier food choices, and choose smaller portions.  Find your voice, say what you need, speak up, and learn to celebrate with non-food rewards.

“Cheating” on your meal plan only hurts you, not your doctor and not your health coach. It’s your journey, not the coach’s journey.

Ask yourself what did you crave and why?  Where you stressed, were you people pleasing all day, are you covering up fear, or using food as a pain killer, are you looking for an escape or punishment? 

What is NOT aligned with your core values, what relief are you looking for from your feelings?  What are you trying to escape from?  Become aware of your choices and why you are doing what you are doing? 

Once you know why you are doing what you are doing, you can then become empowered to make the change to have a healthier relationship with food!

I hope you found this useful.  If this spoke to you and you feel you need support with your health journey, whatever that may look like, please do not hesitate to reach out for help. 

If you need help losing weight, or if you want to use food to lower inflammation in your body for your autoimmune disease, I CAN and would LOVE to help! I have 3 appointment openings on my calendar! Send me an email to set up your free 30-minute Ditch The Diet Consultation!  Transformation@AmandaGoodwin.Biz

I look forward to helping you in the near future! 

Health Coach Amanda Goodwin ~ Transforming Lives

These are the notes I took while listening to Tricia Nelson as she was being interviewed by Reed Davis at the Ultimate Health Coaching Success Summit.  July 2019.

Eat to live, don’t live to eat.