Are You Truly Eating Healthy?


I hear it all the time in my coaching practice, “Until I went through your program, I thought I WAS eating healthy!”

Here are a few tips to help you out at the supermarket. 

False claims on the front – “All natural” That can mean anything, “Spices” can mean anything and can change often.  Natural can even mean “beaver butt – glands.” Some even say “sugar free,” and on the back you’ll find sugar.  (Because there are 60+ names for sugar and the companies change them all the time to confuse you.)

Try to buy foods with 5 or less ingredients – best to eat whole foods without labels. (God made, from a plant – not made in a manufacture plant and chemical laboratory.) Those 5 ingredients should be real food, not sugar, fat/bad oils, salt and four/wheat/gluten. The first ingredient listed will be the primary ingredient.

Real food IS ingredients it doesn’t HAVE ingredients.

Make sure you know what each ingredient is, that you can read it, pronounce and recognize it. If you cannot recognize it, neither will your body.

Shop the perimeter of the grocery store; avoid the inner processed food aisles. Eat: 1.Clean Protein 2. Organic Veggies 3. Healthy Fats.  Last 4. Low glycemic Fruit.

If your great grandma wouldn’t recognize an ingredient, you shouldn’t eat it. (Yogurt in tubes, Wild colors etc.)

Try to eat a rainbow (lots of color) at each meal, to get lots of vitamin, minerals, nutrients and variety.

Companies created a “Bliss point”….of fat, sugar, salt ratio, to keep you coming back for more…addicted but not to the point of sick to your stomach, so you keep buying their products. Sugar is more addictive then cocaine.

Soda has so much sugar, that when the companies tried to add more, it didn’t stay dissolved and you could see it collecting on the bottom of the can.

If it was made in a plant (Factory) by people/chemists do not eat it. If it came from a plant (in the ground) that God made, eat it! God knows best, he made us and the plants!

Organic is best, if possible with income. But farmers markets, frozen & fresh veggies that are not organic are better than processed foods, like potato chips, cookies, crackers, cakes etc.  Go to  for the clean 15 and Dirty dozen list.  On the Dirty Dozen try to buy those in organic.  GMOs should also be explained there.  Avoid GMOs.

Low fat / Fat free = More chemicals, sugar and salt. (Sugar NOT fat makes you gain weight.)

Meal plan, make a store list, shop, prepare / pre-chop, to avoid emergencies, and sets you up for success, instead of grabbing something quick when you are starving. Saves time, and sets you up for success!  If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Make big batches & freeze extra.  Cook all foods on Sunday for the week. Make big batches and freeze the extra for warm ups.  Cook all food on Sunday for the week.

One gram divided by four, equals how many teaspoons of sugar are in a serving!! (EX.  20 grams / 4 = 5 tsp sugar per serving.)

Sugar feeds and causes cancer. Sugar causes diseases and weight gain, raises blood sugar and feeds yeast/candida.

Pasteurization kills enzymes and vitamins.

GMOs lead to leaky gut, disease, autoimmune diseases, and heart disease by altering our DNA/Genes.

Fortified = Synthetic (Fake). Synthetic vitamins can then block the absorption of the real vitamins in our body, by binding the receptor sites of our cells.  Doing way more harm than good.

Bad oils create inflammation in the body which leads to disease.

Calories are not all equal; they are useless, it’s more about chemical/ingredients, sugar, salt and bad fats. We need to nourish and feed our bodies, provide it what it needs so it can heal and keep us healthy.

“Caramel coloring” is banned in CA because it causes cancer; usually see it in things like soda. Most other countries have banned GMOs and other chemicals etc. from being used in their food.  They also require less sugar.  Most of our foods can not be sold to other countries the way we consume them here.  America is number 3 in line to get quality food.  Other countries have higher standards then us and get first pick of the freshest and most nutrient dense foods.

Citric acid comes from moldy GMO corn. GMO food kills by the 3rd generation in rat studies.

BHT causes liver and kidney damage and behavior problems, etc. (Pregnant women are advised to avoid it.)

Propylene glycol is antifreeze! Yet you can find it in food and beauty products.

Most bread contains the same ingredient that is found in yoga mats. (As well as bromide which affects our thyroid. Our water is also fluoridated which affects our thyroids.)

Rehydrating juices like Gatorade contain formaldehyde. Most ‘juices’ are only 10% juice the rest is water, concentrate, chemicals etc.

Need to read how many servings are in a container. What is listed for fat, sugar, salt calories etc., is for a serving not the entire box/bottle/container.

Ask yourself:  “Can I imagine it growing?”  (cucumbers, carrots, vs. marshmallows, Cherrios, and soda.)
“How long has this food been known to nourish human beings?” (Most foods found in grocery stores today, have not been around longer than 100-150 years.)
“What has been done to the food since it’s been harvested?” (Juiced, pasteurized, bleached, gassed, hydrogenated.)
“How many ingredients does it have?” (Whole food ARE the ingredients, they don’t have ingredients.)
“Is this product “part” of a food or the “whole” entity?” (apple vs. apple juice.)

Same thing goes for household cleaning and beauty products. Don’t put anything on your skin that you would not eat.  Skin absorbs even more toxins as it goes right into the blood stream…when we eat it is filtered by our digestion system and liver etc., before it goes into our blood stream.  Lotion, soap, laundry detergent, hair dye, deodorant, makeup, all contain chemical, perfumes, metals etc.  Learn more at

You may find this book to be helpful, it’s small and will fit in your pocketbook, to use while you are shopping:  “Food Additives: A Shoppers Guide to What’s Safe & What’s Not!”  By Christine Hoza Farlow, D. C.

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