Facebook Group for Autoimmune Thrivers! 

This group, Amanda’s Autoimmune Thrivers was started by Health Coach Amanda Goodwin in 2017 (In March for Autoimmune Awareness Month) and is an online community that provides support, inspiration, encouragement, education, and natural approaches to improve autoimmune conditions such as Crohn’s and Hashimoto’s.

The more you participate and engage in conversations, the more you will get out of the group. Ask questions, leave feedback in the comment section and share the group with your friends!


Amanda Goodwin, the Holistic Health Coach, decided to become a health coach after overcoming her own autoimmune health challenges and fulfill her passion helping others with chronic illnesses.  Amanda wants to help you get your health back to a state of thriving not just surviving.

Amanda received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NY, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® in CA, as well as The Hashimoto’s Institute and and is a member of International Association for Health Coaches (IAHC). Her most recent education was with Metabolic Healing.

Amanda leads workshops and offers group, couples and individual health and wellness coaching to any individual who wants to change and transform their lives. She is energized by working with people who are ready to commit to changing their lives.

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“Thanks for creating this space Amanda!! It’s the only forum right now I participate in. Hard to find an authentic holistic experience in many online places.” ~  Member of the Autoimmune Thrivers FB Group Page

“There are so many good autoimmune articles, information and support on Health Coach Amanda’s Autoimmune Thrivers FB group!  I then share them on my own profile page because I care.“ ~ Member of Amanda’s Autoimmune Thrivers FB group.  

“Thank you for your posts; I love them.” ~ Member of the Autoimmune Thrivers FB Group Page.

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