Crohn’s client continues to thrive!

A YEAR LATER, and this Crohn’s client continues to thrive!! She has also successfully been able to stop and stay off of her medication!

She has gone from surviving to thriving. (She is in her senior year of high school now.) Read her story here:

When this young lady came to me in November 2014, she only weighed 89 pounds, and was experiencing an active Crohn’s flare. This meant she was on a picc line (feeding tube) for complete bowel rest. She was in a lot of pain and the doctors were pushing surgery to remove part of her intestines. (This may have left her with a colostomy.)  She was unable to attend school as she was not able to walk on her own. By the spring of 2015 she eating a wide variety of foods and having regular bowel movements. She regained her health, strength, weight, and therefore had energy to return to her life – thriving not just surviving! By the end of the 6 Month Transforming Lives Program she was dancing at her sister’s wedding! Near the end of her program she had a follow up colonoscopy with biopsies and an MRI. Both showed no blockages, restrictions, narrowing, ulcers, or inflammation. All with diet and lifestyle changes, no surgeries! Her doctors are shocked and speechless.

Here is her testimony after completing the program. 

“When I started my program with Health Coach Amanda my top three goals were to be able to eat, have bowel movements and walk. Amanda was able to help me work towards these goals by suggesting natural methods, using food and herbs, to help relieve dizziness, nausea, and pain, as opposed to medication.

I have noticed since beginning the program my appearance has improved. I look healthy! I am no longer hooked up to an IV and feeding tube.

I realize that I can control how I feel with what I eat. I am taking ownership of what I eat and how it will affect me.

I would describe Health Coach Amanda as helpful, a cheerleader and motherly.

It was comforting to know that if I had a question or got stuck I could ask Amanda for advice. After leaving the health coaching sessions I felt hopeful and peaceful, which is not something I felt after leaving the doctor’s office.

I would recommend Health Coach Amanda to anyone with health concerns, particularly those with Crohn’s disease, thyroid issues, gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.” ~ 15 year old female, from Lancaster, PA. June 2015.

Update: This young lady was able to slowly wean off of her remicade infusions, which concluded September of 2015. It is now a year later, October 2016 and she continues to do well and is not taking medications!

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