Do You Have Fatigue & Drink Coffee?

Then It’s Time For A Coffee Upgrade!

Coffee (regular or caffeine free) is acidic which harms your gut, is dehydrating, loaded with chemicals and pesticides and causes anxiety, blood sugar dysregulations, harms the adrenals, and sex hormones and affects the detox pathways in the liver.

Due to genetics, some may take days to clear the caffeine from one caffeinated drink, which means you can never rebound.

Coffee also takes longer to clear in women, than in men. Coffee promotes the creation of cysts in the breasts and ovaries. 3 cups a day increases infertility rates in men and women!

Drinking coffee in the first 2 ½ hours of waking does NOT help to give you energy or improve brain function. (Due to cortisol/circadian rhythms.) You would be better off with lemon water, green smoothies and going outside for sunlight exposure.

Regular coffee gets more acidic the longer it sits.

Coffee is often moldy & highly sprayed.

Decaf is not better as they use chemicals to strip out the caffeine. (Coffee Filters are another source of chemicals.)

The other problem with coffee is what you add to it. Creamers, dairy, sugar, soy – all are a mess to the thyroid and immune system.

Down shift your caffeine intake from where you currently are. In a perfect world, go off of it completely as it depletes your body of nutrients and minerals, leading to osteoporosis.

If that is not possible, try coffee every other day with a maximum of three times per week. Use green tea, herbal teas or yerba mate the other days. You can also try Dandy Blend. It is a nice coffee substitute, and helps to cleanse your liver! You may also enjoy trying Mushroom Coffee!

Learn more about the diseases coffee causes. (Joint pain, fatigue, digestive issues, fat gain, migraines/headaches, depression, heart attacks, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, illogical decisions and lower IQ.) –>

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