Do you know HOW to eat?

Do you know HOW to eat?

Many times we are taught what to eat, but not how to eat.

5 S’s of Mindful Eating:

1. Sit Down – Only eat off your feet!  Make sure you are sitting down, not standing in front of the refrigerator or sink.  Put your food on a plate. Don’t snack in your car. Be fully present. You will enjoy food more and eat less, when you give eating your full attention.

2. Slowly Chew –  Eat with your non-dominant hand. This can reduce how much you eat by 30%!  Try to be the last person to finish your meal at the table of friends or family. Pace don’t race!

3. Savor – Take a mindful bite. Notice the smell, texture, taste, and color of each bite. Is it crunchy, spicy, sweet or salty?  Turn off the TV and other distractions. When you eat, just eat.

4. Simplify – Put healthy foods in convenient places, like on the counter. Place treats out of view.  In sight in mind, out of site, out of mind.

5. Smile Take a breath to manage stress.  Smiling can create a brief pause between your current bite and the next one.  During that gap, ask yourself if your are satisfied, not full.

Being nourished and well fed is critical to being at your best – focus, create, innovate, authentically connect and simply be the most amazing you! The first step to healthy eating is to focus more on how you eat than what you eat. It’s perfectly “okay” to enjoy delicious food in a mindful way. When prepared well, healthy food is stunningly delicious, filling to the belly, and exposes ‘junk food’ as the highly processed pumped with artificial fluff that it is. The comfort food brings is disappointingly fleeting. Hunger can be deceptive – mindfulness can help distinguish emotional from true physical hunger. Whether you eat, snack, munch, dine or take just one bite, always, always, keep your mindful inner light switched on.


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Resource:  This information was obtained through handouts, which were developed by Dr. Susan Albers, Mindful Eating “pioneer” and New York Times Best Selling Author. Dr. Albers has worked for 10 years at the Cleveland Clinic as a clinical psychologist.