Get Fit For Fall Challenge

You Are Invited To The Get Fit For Fall Challenge!

Due to accountability and support, people who engage in small group challenges are more successful at losing weight AND keeping it off!

Fall is a great time to start a fitness routine!  The snow hasn’t arrived yet and we are no longer dealing with the hot and humid days of summer. 

Join the private Facebook Group during the month of October for the “Get Fit For Fall” Challenge! Join by clicking here. >> 

The Get Fit For Fall Challenge is free and the content is so awesome, I should be charging for it. 

A gym membership or equipment is not required. (Just think of all the money you’ll be saving!  No trainer, no membership, no fancy equipment.)

What’s required of you?

*Once a day I’ll post something in the private FB group to encourage you to do some sort of exercise that day. I may include ideas, tips, as well as the mindset piece around exercise. (How to get over blocks and excuses.)
*I’d like members to comment daily, check in and post that yes, you did exercise. This is to generate accountability. You may also find a new exercise buddy!  The more you participate and engage in conversations, the more you will get out of the group. Ask questions and leave feedback in the comment sections.
*This challenge will help you to add more movement throughout your day.  For example, doing yard work vs. watching football or binge watching TV on the weekend. Doing some lunges or squats at your desk instead of sitting for 8 hours while at work.
*In the privacy of your own home, you can weigh yourself or take measurements on day 1, day 15 and the final check in, on day 31. Or just go by how you feel. (Do you have more strength/endurance, are you less winded, or are your clothes not as tight.)
*You choose the type of exercise you would like to do and to match your comfort or athletic ability.  (Yoga, walk, bike, swim, strength training/weight-bearing exercises, Zumba etc.)
*You’ll get a journal and worksheets to keep you on track.

When you join you will receive a bonus “Healthy Journey Journal.”  So be sure to sign up TODAY!  >>  I hope you will join us!  I look forward to seeing you in the group!

Invite your friends and family so they can sign up too!  The more the merrier!! 

Disclaimer: The information provided in this Facebook Group/Challenge, is general guidelines and tips and should be viewed as such. Before trying any new supplement, exercise program or dietary lifestyle, check with your doctor first. As a holistic health coach Amanda cannot provide a diagnosis or give advice about specific treatments. You will need to see a doctor for such advice. Due to professional liability issues she is also unable to answer personal health questions, unless you are an established client and have had a visit in the last six months.

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