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I am an *Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. In 2014 I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NY and am a member of (IAHC) International Association for Health Coaches. I decided to become a health coach after overcoming my own autoimmune health challenges and fulfill my passion for helping others with chronic illness. I want to help you get your health back to a state of thriving not just surviving! Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Then don’t delay, call today for a free health consultation 717-781-7098.

*Earners of this designation have demonstrated an ability to understand and utilize a wide range of dietary and nutrition theories within the realm of health coaching. They are also proficient in time management, active listening and accountability. They educate and guide clients to make behavioral changes resulting in improved nutrition and dietary habits, physical ability, and overall greater health and wellness.


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Amanda received her training from Reed Davis at Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® in CA in 2015-2016.  As a Certified Functional Diagnostic Practitioner I help each client rebuild their health. FDN is a type of detective, that seeks to identify and correct the underlying causes and conditions that lead to the patient’s health complaints, while providing intelligent relief care. FDN bridges the gap between the medical community and functional medicine.

As a certified FDN practitioner, I can run functional lab tests (Blood, saliva, urine and stool) to identify HIDDEN malfunctions that need to be corrected in order to build health. I help clients work on the underlying causes and teach them a model of self-care, using the D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® Protocol, so that they can take care of themselves and stay healthy for the rest of their life!  Learn more here:


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On August 2016 I graduated from the Hashimoto’s Institute which is taught by Dr. Alan Christianson, NMD, Andrea Nakayma, Nutritionist- CNE, CHHC, CNC and Dr. Izabella Wentz, Pharmacist- PharmD, FASCP.  The mission of the Hashimoto’s Institute is to transform the treatment of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis worldwide through clinician and patient education efforts.  Learn more here:

To see my listing as a Hashimoto’s Practitioner visit this link.  (Click USA, then click PA.):

Because I was enrolled in the Hashimoto’s Institute, I was also able to attend Andrea Nakayma’s “Holistic Nutrition Lab: Reframe Nutrition.” I received frameworks to assess client care. In this “workshop”  I learned NINJA-LIKE SKILLS that will allow me to:

*Find the root cause of my clients’ symptoms (Even the super complex cases!)

*Create client compliance without being pushy or overbearing

*Be recognized as a valuable and trusted leader of your clients’ healthcare team

*Become a vital player in the healthcare revolution (We are needed!)


I also have personal experience with overcoming autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s and Hashimoto’s.  You can read by personal bio and story here:


I love to watch my clients transform and get back to living their life! I help to give clients their life back, by decreasing their pain, creating better sleep and therefore build more energy, through diet and lifestyle changes. By working together, we can help you to once again thrive, not just survive. Does that sound like something you would be interested in? Or do you know anyone with these conditions that could benefit from my services?


Health Coaching is a Partnership! A partnership between the coach and the client. The relationship between the client and themselves. The coach with the client’s other healers/doctors and the client with those healers. This Holistic, Patient-Care Approach insures better outcomes! In this setting personal relationships, communication and empathy allow room for growth and healing to all involved! Do you need a health advocate? Call for a free consultation today! 717-781-7098 or email Transformation@AmandaGoodwin.Biz


If you’re like I used to be, you have likely been struggling to find the right doctor, the right tests, understand lab ranges, and the best medications for your body. You’ve likely tried a number of diets and strategies that haven’t worked.

I know how frustrating this can be, and how confusing it is to try to make sense of all the conflicting information out there. That’s why I put together this guide! ~ Top 5 Tips to Optimize Your Thyroid!

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