The Advantage Of Hiring Amanda As Your Health Coach

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That is the first advantage of hiring me as your health coach, consultations are free.  This way you can get a feel for my style and programs.  I don’t know any doctor who will see you for free or give you a loose idea of what your protocol will look like.

You will also SAVE money! I know that may be hard to believe as so many ask if I participate with insurance.  (I do not.  See the comment section below as to why.)  By going the doctor route you will need to make an appointment to voice your concerns and request a test.  They may or may not provide you with the test you want, because they are matching your visit to a certain insurance code.  The health care system is not a health or care system, it’s a disease management system.   The health “care” system is reactive, not proactive.  Another issue is that if you have very good insurance, they might get test happy.   This is where you will find yourself running from specialist to specialist, having test after test and follow-up visits.  I always make sure that the test I recommend is going to be helpful and necessary.  If the outcome of the test (positive or negative) will not change the course of your protocol, then it may not be beneficial or necessary.  For instance, I tend to assume my clients have leaking gut and or adrenal fatigue from taking a thorough history.  This means we support the body without running the test.   I save their money by suggesting the tests I feel would be most beneficial.  By going through your insurance, the price of the test may also be jacked up.  Another issue is how effective the test is.  For instance, not all stool tests are the same.  So you may want to know if you have a parasite, but the test the doctor ordered may only check for two parasites, and the rest will show if you are digesting your food or if you have imbalanced gut bacteria.  The tests I provide are much more thorough and extensive.  A doc may run a onetime blood test to check your cortisol, but a urine or saliva test would be much more accurate and give you a whole day’s reading, not just a quick one-time snap shot.

When coming to me for coaching and functional testing, you pay the lab directly and then you pay me for the results.  No middle man, no insurance company to go through or get approval from!!  I would order the test, and have it shipped directly to your home.  Many of these tests can be performed in the comfort of your own home.  (BONUS!)  Then once I get the results, I set up your result and recommendation appointment.

Another difference is what happens after the test.  You will have to return to the doc for the results and pay again.  At that time he will tell you that something is wrong or not.  The difference between the doctor and me is how we interpret those results.  When they may tell you everything is “normal,” you very well may be trending toward an issue or at the very least the results are not “optimal.”  The reference ranges they go by are from all the people who go to the lab for various reasons.  So those “normal labs” are a sampling of a very sick population.

If something is off on the test, the options you will be given by the doctor are surgery, prescription medications (full of chemicals, toxins, and poisons), or the “let’s wait and see what happens” approach.  In other words, you are not bad enough – yet,–so let’s wait for something to go wrong.  Sometimes the antibiotics can make you worse; your long-term health and microbiome could be affected.  Some may experience side effects from the prescriptions and then they are given another prescription.  Sometimes the side effects are worse than the original symptom.  I would support you with diet and lifestyle changes and natural herbs if something were to show up on your tests.  You will also learn how to listen to your own body and do what is right for you!  We are all different, and each of us needs a special diet or herb.

If you are seeing a more natural doctor, you may still be bombarded with tests, and appointments and then will also have to spend several thousand dollars on the supplement regimen that their office participates with.  I have also gone this route, and spent thousands of dollars and didn’t really see a huge benefit to justify the cost. (Some may see improvement in their digestion, but again that could be done at a fraction of the cost by working with me.)   Many friends have also gone this route, and have turned to me for guidance and to ask questions.  Because these supplements are usually targeted for gut health, or parasite cleansing, they may contain a variety of herbs to help the masses.  My approach is a more targeted supplement for that particular parasite.  You also will need to be careful of the fillers in these types of products.   I had a rice sensitivity, and most of the supplements I was given had a rice filler.  When I questioned the natural doc, he said that “a little bit won’t hurt.”  But when you are taking many pills, multiple times a day, it adds up.  The natural doctors are also usually paid out of pocket as many do not participate with insurance.  But the other thing here is that many go this route if the natural doctors DO participate with insurance.  This makes them feel like they are “saving money” by going through insurance.  But in actuality it will still be all out of pocket if you have a high deductible.   (I’ve known some who are put on a payment plan, because the tests and follow-up appointments add up very quickly, into the thousands.)  The natural doctors are also very busy, and at the most will only see you for 30 minutes.  This can still feel like a very fast appointment and leave you feeling overwhelmed as you would have liked more time to ask questions or voice your concerns.  They do not have time to explain the test to you and how it pertains to your health.  I take the time to explain how the test works and what it means for you.  Due to the busy schedules at their office, you may even go in to your appointment educated and ask for testing, but then when you walk out or get your next lab paper for your lab tests you realize they didn’t run the panels you wanted to run.  This is very frustrating and many opportunities are being missed at getting at the root cause.  I can run tests, until you feel that you have the improvement you are looking for!  Being more natural, they may tell you to be gluten free, but provide you with no support, recipes or guidance as they push you out the door.  You are left to do research and come up with a meal plan on your own!  Most likely these appointments may be spread out, to once every month or every two to three months.  I will see you every other week to help you stay on task, be accountable, and see success.  It’s not likely that a natural doctor would have time to address exercise, sleep, stress, or food journaling.  They may not have time to explain in detail how to reintroduce foods, and what symptoms to watch for.  (Being on a strict diet for very long is not helpful and may lead to more food sensitivities.)

According to studies the average doctor visit lasts 13-15 minutes.  (Some are more, some are less.)  However it may seem like you’ve been there for hours, due to the long time spent waiting in the waiting room.  Not much can be accomplished in 13 minutes, when you want to explain your symptoms, listen to the results, and then ask questions about the new prescription or protocol.  With me, consultations are 30 minutes and wellness sessions are 50 minutes.

I will listen, give personal attention, and customize your program to your specific health concerns.  I offer more support, supply you with information, recipes and encouragement.  I am here for when you have questions.  I also provide support and guidance outside of the appointment with follow up emails, halfway check in emails and continued education on my social media pages.

As you can see I am offering you something very different than the medical doctors, or even the natural wellness groups.  With me you get way more, for less money!!  Due to my personal experience I am an autoimmune specialist.  I also have been trained by the Hashimoto’s Institute and can run tests via my Functional Diagnostic Nutrition training.  Every other year, I am required to take continuing education to keep up with the most recent tests available.  This means I am not your typical run-of-the-mill, cookie cutter health coach who generally just asks, “How does that make you feel” or “If you were the coach, what do you think you would suggest?”  Yes, we all have intuition, but at some point you just want answers, clarity and guidance!

If you are concerned about coaches not being certified as MDs, RNs, NDs etc., know that many forward-thinking  doctors* have coaches as part of their staff and they know they are very important in their client’s success.  We are very valuable to them, and without that certification (call letters behind our name) we are much more affordable.  (*Some examples are Chris Kresser, Dr.  Frank Lipman, Dr. Susan Blum.)

I do not provide a diagnosis, a magic bullet, a magic pill, or a magic diet.  The Transforming Lives Coaching Program works, when you do the work!  If you decided to continue to work with your doctor or natural doctor, I can come along side of you and provide that extra needed support that you are lacking.  I am an addition to your health team!

In conclusion, if you would like to save money and time, increase your energy, lower inflammation, improve your digestion, have accountability and support, have someone who is in your corner to answer questions, digging through the research, and listen, then give me a call today!  717-781-7098 Transformation@AmandaGoodwin.Biz

If you’re like I used to be, you have likely been struggling to find the right doctor, the right tests, understand lab ranges, and the best medications for your body. You’ve likely tried a number of diets and strategies that haven’t worked.

I know how frustrating this can be, and how confusing it is to try to make sense of all the conflicting information out there.

That’s why I put together this guide! ~ Top 5 Tips to Optimize Your Thyroid!Grab your guide here. >>


4 thoughts on “The Advantage Of Hiring Amanda As Your Health Coach”

  1. agoodwin says:

    You won’t find my office on your providers’ list. I have some good reasons why I don’t belong to your plan, reasons that could dramatically affect your health.

    First, practitioners who sign insurance company contracts often discover that they can’t deliver optimum care. Instead, care is rationed. Patients must be dismissed before they are fully healed. Many necessary services aren’t even covered, especially in the area of prevention, nutrition and functional lab testing. Limiting care is profitable for the insurance company, but it can compromise patient satisfaction–and our reputation.

    To maximize profit, insurance companies hire people to review our recommendations. Most of these “gatekeepers” lack even a working knowledge of functional medicine or clinical nutrition. It may even amount to “practicing medicine without a license.”

    Worse, most insurance companies seem more interested in paper than patients. Huge amounts of paperwork are often required. It’s time-consuming, raises costs and takes us away from our primary mission of helping our patients and clients get and stay well. And insurance company contracts also attempt to govern how we run our business.

    Your health is your most valuable possession. Please don’t gamble it with a practitioner who may try to serve two masters, or who was merely the lowest bidder.

    Should you reach the same conclusions I have, please call or write so that we may demonstrate what affordable, yet independent functional medicine and clinical nutrition can do for you.

    Health Coach Amanda

  2. agoodwin says:

    Knowing the name of a disease tells us nothing about the true cause, nor does it lead us to the right treatment. ~ Mark Hyman, MD

  3. agoodwin says:

    “When your insurance company pays your doctor…who’s the boss?

    When your government pays your doctor…who’s the boss?

    When YOU pay your doctor…who’s the boss?

    How will you ever be in control of your health if someone else has the final say in what can and cannot be done?” – Sachin Patel

    #becomeproof #livingproof #incontrol #selfpayselfcare #whostheboss #TonyDanza

  4. agoodwin says:

    “Does insurance pay for your (Coaching) services? Unfortunately, the answer for most will be no. With functional health coaching you are looking at what is called elective care.

    Sadly, you can’t rely on your health insurance for your health. If you do, you will be limited to what type of care you will receive, i.e. medications and surgery.

    Insurance is important for emergency crisis care. Although it’s a necessary part of most people’s lives, insurance is not going to pay for true wellness care. For health optimization, insurance is pointless.

    Functional health coaching helps you to take control of your health, and be responsible for the type of care and testing that you want. Relying on an industry that is not designed to heal is setting yourself up to stay sick and stuck.” – Maria Pesce Claps, a fellow FDN Practitioner.

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