I am NOT a Nutritionist, nor do I want to be!

DID YOU KNOW…I am NOT a Nutritionist/Dietitian, nor do I want to be!

Despite graduating from the Institute for Integrative *Nutrition & Functional Diagnostic *Nutrition school I am NOT a Nutritionist. I am a Holistic Health Coach.

I saw a (Hospital) Nutritionist/Dietitian when I had my first Crohn’s flare and I have to say she made me worse. (She recommended I eat carbs, egg whites, yeast, instant breakfast drinks, store bought yogurt etc.) I saw her after I thought food had to be a clue, and my Gastro doc said food has nothing to do with Crohn’s. But since I asked, he did send me to the nutritionist/dietitian. You could tell the docs/hospital didn’t take her seriously, as she was in the basement, in a dinky room, which could have passed for the janitor’s closet. Her materials also seemed to be very outdated.

So for those that think nutritionists / health coaches are a dime a dozen, just remember that I am so much more than a ‘nutritionist’. I have 4 schools under my belt and a life time of personal experience. I look at the whole person’s diet, lifestyle, relationships, career, spirituality, sleep, stress, hydration, cravings, goals, hobbies, friendships, exercise, breathing, meditation, primary food, toxin exposure, digestion, chewing, (how to eat), oral health and I show you how to read labels (Beyond calories). I provide ongoing support, encouragement and hope.  With my FDN, Hashimoto’s and Metabolic Healing training we can dig deeper to see what might be the root cause of your ailments. We can do testing to check for food sensitivities, HPA axis dysfunction / Adrenals, sex hormones, thyroid issues, parasites / infections etc. Nothing is ever cookie cutter with me. The Transforming Lives Program is tailored to each person’s individual needs. After removing the root cause the body can then function properly and symptoms will disappear!

I’ll let my being flare free, surgery free and off all medications be my testimony/resume as well as those that I have helped.

Nutritionists are taught by the FDA’s current “MyPlate or Pyramid.” The agenda there is addiction and pushing foods that are subsidized. Not to mention that they feel everyone should follow the same diet. Such as everyone should be eating dairy!

If you still feel a nutritionist is the way to go, I’ll leave you with this picture. This was the recommended diet from a nutritionist to a young child who has Crohn’s. (Do you think that is healthy for anyone, let alone someone with an auto immune / digestion issue?)

*This is also the same reason why I do not want to participate with insurance. I do not want to be a part of the medical model. I am for Health Care (Preventative) not Sick Care (Reactive)!


Meal plan for a child with Crohn’s.                              Meal plan given to a Diabetic.

Cancer surgery patient given this food list by the “Oncology” team and DIE-ticians to make sure they get lots of “Protein”, the completely fabricated substance for which humans have no need for.

“I feel like this is the old Highlights magazine. Can you find the things that are just dead wrong on this hospital-based diabetes education diet sheet? Go!” ~ Gladd.MD.com

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If you’re like I used to be, you have likely been struggling to find the right doctor, the right tests, understand lab ranges, and the best medications for your body. You’ve likely tried a number of diets and strategies that haven’t worked.

I know how frustrating this can be, and how confusing it is to try to make sense of all the conflicting information out there.

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