Health coaches support people in making behavior changes

‘Health Coaching Is Blossoming’ says Chris Kresser!

“*Have you ever made a health commitment, only to fall off the wagon a few weeks (or even days) later?

*Have you ever known exactly what you needed to do, but struggled to find the motivation to do it?

*Have you ever received a treatment plan from a doctor or other practitioner that you’ve had a hard time putting into practice?

Most of you answered “yes” to at least one of those questions. How do I know? Because statistics are on my side. The CDC tells us that only six percent of Americans engage in the top five health behaviors: maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking, drinking moderately (or not at all), getting enough sleep, and staying physically active.

Why do 94 percent of people fail to meet even this low standard?

Is it because they don’t know that sleep and exercise are important? Is it because they think smoking cigarettes and drinking too much are extending their lifespan?

Of course not. Information is not the problem. Changing behavior is.

If we want to reverse the epidemic of chronic disease, we can’t just tell people what to do. That doesn’t work. We need to help them develop healthy habits and let go of bad ones.

After working in healthcare for a decade, I’m more clear on this than ever. And I work with some of the most motivated patients on the planet!

This is why I’ve been talking about health coaching so much lately.

Health coaches are in the best position to support people in making the behavior changes that will have the biggest impact on reversing chronic disease.

I’m not alone in acknowledging this. Consider the following:

Organizations like the CDC and National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) have advocated for including health coaches in the delivery of care.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, health coaching (and related health occupations) are growing faster than the average for all other occupations.

67% of American companies either have or plan to have coaching or prevention programs to help boost worker health (including Apple, who just announced that it is actively recruiting health coaches).

Health coaching is starting to blossom as a profession, and that trend will only grow over the coming years.

Even conventional medicine and corporate America have realized this, because they know that behavior change is our only hope of stopping the chronic disease epidemic.

This is the future of medicine.”*

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*Resource:  Email I received 4/10/18 from Chris Kresser