IBD Week

Would you like to reduce the amount of medications you are taking? 

December 30th marks my 5 year anniversary of being Imuran free.  This was the medication I was on for close to ten years to keep my Crohn’s under control.  Unfortunately it didn’t address the root cause, caused side effect and did not take care of the pain.  By following the Autoimmune Paleo Diet I was able to ‘heal’ my body enough to get off this medication.  I am now also 15 years flare free!  Read my full story here:  https://amandagoodwin.biz/about-bio/ 

After reading the next testimony, Becki with Unique Physique wrote on her Facebook page:  Folks, if you’re a Crohn’s patient without hope PLEASE highly consider contacting my colleague Amanda Goodwin.  She is extemely skilled at healing and managing this condition. This testimony speaks for itself.

You can read about this 15 year old young lady I helped to avoid surgery and overcome Crohn’s Disease here:  https://amandagoodwin.biz/crohns-client-continues-to-thrive-health-coach-southern-york-county-south-central-pa/

Below is a testimony from a young business owner who also is managing his Crohn’s. 

“My top three goals upon starting the 6 month program were to lose weight, gain energy and feel better. Health Coach Amanda was able to help me work toward these goals by teaching me how to better use food to reach my goals.  I appreciated the “Why” behind her program.  (Why I was making the changes.)

I now have more energy and better sleep. My mind is much clearer and my memory has improved.  The most significant change I have noticed since beginning the program has been my increase in energy, deeper sleep and I look and feel better.   The program helped me to realize I CAN lose weight!

I would describe Amanda as knowledgeable, caring, genuine and helpful. I would recommend Health Coach Amanda to friends and family who are looking to improve their health.”  ~ Alex from Manchester, PAJune 2016.

The Transforming Lives Coaching Program is beneficial at any age!  This next testimony comes from an 80 year young client, who also has Crohn’s.

“When I first met Health Coach Amanda, my top 3 goals were weight loss, improving my sleep, and learn how to manage my Crohn’s. Amanda was able to help me reach these goals (And more…improved memory & asthma) by teaching me the difference between God given and man-made foods.  I noticed many of the chemicals added to foods caused a number of my illnesses.  I’ve learned a lot about food!  I learned which healthy foods to eat for my health issues and more importantly the foods that are harmful.

The biggest change I’ve notice from going through the 6 month Transforming Lives Program, is my attitude. My attitude is much better, and I learned so much.  By learning new things I was able to find new interests.  I think and accept what I can do for myself.  When I met Amanda I had a “show me” attitude due to my years of drugs prescribed by doctors, which never helped me.  I have lost the “pity party” attitude I had and realized I brought a lot of these problems on myself and can undo them.  I now like me, and do not plan to return to the poor thinking I had when I started!  Amanda is very caring and I always felt she cared about helping me.  Many thanks to you Amanda.” ~ Naomi from Felton, PA. July 2015

If you would like to learn how adding or eliminating certain foods from your diet can help improve your digestive health, give me a call to set up a free Health Consultation  717-781-7098  or email me at Transformation@AmandaGoodwin.Biz.