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If you’re like I used to be, you have likely been struggling to find the right doctor, the right tests, understand lab ranges, and the best medications for your body. You’ve likely tried a number of diets and strategies that haven’t worked.

I know how frustrating this can be, and how confusing it is to try to make sense of all the conflicting information out there.

That’s why I put together this guide! ~ Top 5 Tips to Optimize Your Thyroid!Grab your guide here. >>


Mid April, Jennifer Blance interviewed Heath Coach Amanda to participate in a Brief Editorial Inquiry for Endocrinologist Roundup.

This month’s topic was tips on lowering A1C. 6/6/17

Here is Health Coach Amanda’s answer:

“A1C is the long standing blood test to identify the three-month average of plasma glucose concentration. It lets you know how well you are managing your diabetes.

Therefore consistency is key to lowering your A1C! This is where working with a health coach may be helpful. Each day and with each meal you have the opportunity to change your health for the better!

You can do this by daily improving your diet, and watching your portion size. I would encourage you to have a protein breakfast, rather than a carb loaded breakfast. Do your best to manage your stress level with meditation or yoga. Get a good night’s sleep, as it has been shown a poor night sleep increases the next day’s glucose level. Last but not least exercise daily. A simple 20-30 minute walk is very effective at managing your glucose levels. (And it’s free!)

Purchase a blood glucose monitor and test how you personally react to foods. You need to learn your “carb tolerance”, the amount of carbs your body can handle. Check your blood sugar prior to your meal and record this number. Follow up with a test at 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours after your meal. (Record each number.) You need to recover to your original number (Before eating) by hour 3. You do not want to get higher than 140 after a meal…this is the upper end of the range. Try to achieve 120 or lower. 150+ causes arterial damage. By sticking with lower glycemic foods, you will be controlling your numbers better and causing less inflammation and less damage to your body.

An often overlooked resource would be to have your thyroid and HPA Axis (adrenals) checked, as they may be a culprit in higher sugar numbers. Someone like myself can provide you with a 4 point saliva cortisol test and a full thyroid panel. A full thyroid panel includes TSH, T4, T3, RT3 and the following antibodies TRAb, TPO, TG/TGA, TSI.

Check with your doctor as some medications can raise blood sugar. Some examples could be asthma meds, cold meds, blood pressure meds, and thyroid meds.

After taking a thorough health history, I may also suggest certain herbs and herbal teas to help my clients lower their blood sugar and control their sugar cravings.”

To read the full article click this link:

In March, Health Coach Amanda was part of 28 experts to answer the following questions:

Is diabetes on a decline?
What diabetes diet and management mistakes do you see most people with diabetes make?
What tips would you give to someone who is newly diagnosed?

To read the full article click this link:

If you need support in managing your blood sugar, email or call today to set up a free consultation.  717-781-7098  Transformation@AmandaGoodwin.Biz 


Jennifer Blance interviewed Heath Coach Amanda to participate in a Brief Editorial Inquiry for Endocrinologist Roundup.

28 Experts Answer Questions About Diabetes.  Here are the questions the experts were asked:

  1. Is diabetes on a decline?
  2. What diabetes diet and management mistakes do you see most people with diabetes make?
  3. What tips would you give to someone who is newly diagnosed?

Amanda’s answers are under expert #18:

A1: I actually feel that diabetes is on the rise. 75% of Americans are experiencing blood sugar dysregulation.  Diabetes is not just on the incline for those that are overweight.  Many who are lean also are experiencing diabetes.  Diabetes is predicted to continue to increase over the next few decades.

A2: Many diabetics that I see are consuming too many carbohydrates. This includes things like pancakes, waffles, cakes, pies, cereal, cookies, grains, soda, but also dried fruit, fruit juice, popcorn, white potatoes, inflammatory oils, harmful sweeteners and processed foods. I also find many clients skip breakfast or consume a high carb breakfast which sets them up for sugar crashes throughout the day.

A3: I would suggest the client follow a lower carb, Mediterranean or ketogenic diet. Diabetics also need to address their stress level. Other helpful tips would be to sleep 8 hours each night, drink more clean water, and exercise. Walking 20-30 minutes a day can really be helpful in stabilizing blood sugar levels.

It’s such an honor to be a part of this group which includes Dr. Barry Sears, Dr. Carolyn Dean and Dr. Westin Childs. 

Read the full article here:

Health Coach Amanda’s Guest Blog with Thyroid Nation!

Thyroid Awareness Month – Spreading Information About Autoimmune Diseases

Amanda Goodwin, Contributor
Thyroid Nation  on

Thyroid Awareness

Did you know January is Thyroid Awareness Month?  I would like to help, by bringing awareness and education through this NEW Newsletter Series I created on Thyroid Health.

Are you aware that the number one prescription sold is Synthroid?

Millions Of People In The US Are Affected By Autoimmune Hashimoto’s

90% of those with thyroid issues have an autoimmune condition known as Hashimoto’s. Many with thyroid issues are not being diagnosed. The ones that do have a diagnosis are rarely checked for the autoimmune antibodies to see if they have Hashimoto’s or Graves. If you do have an autoimmune thyroid condition, all the Synthroid pills in the world will not address the immune system, to stop the attack. January is Thyroid Awareness Month!

13.4% of people in the United States have Hashimoto’s. Some feel this number could be as high as 27%!  This means 30 million people are affected by Hashimoto’s. The incidence is much higher in women than in men. For every one man affected by Hashimoto’s there are about 5-8 women affected.

Many people are suffering due to co-conditions. This means once you have one autoimmune disease, like Hashimoto’s, you are likely to acquire 2-3 more autoimmune diseases. (Some say up to 8 by the time you pass away.) This is why addressing the immune system is so important. Examples of autoimmune diseases are Crohn’s, MS, Lupus, Sjogrens, Diabetes, Raynaud’s, Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome, Addison’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc., I personally have Crohn’s and Hashimoto’s, so I understand what you are going through. 

Untreated Hashimoto’s Can Lead To Other Health Problems

Untreated Hashimoto’s, due to not being diagnosed, or being under treated, (from looking at the “normal” labs vs. “functional” lab ranges) can lead to diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, low energy, cancer, osteoporosis, dementia, and fatty liver disease.

Many with thyroid conditions also experience nodules, hives, vertigo, anemia, PCOS, depression, IBD, anxiety, bio-polar, acid reflux, panic attacks, constipation, hearing loss, fibromyalgia, dry skin and eyes, hair loss, foot and shoulder pain. As well as several hundred other symptoms, as the thyroid affects every single cell in your body!

Starting January 23, 2017 and each month following, we are going to dive deeper into what you can do to optimize your thyroid and therefore your health. I will help you to learn how to find the root cause of autoimmune diseases, especially with Hashimoto’s. These newsletters are meant to encourage your partnership with me as Health Coach, but also with your doctor and with your own body. It’s important that we return to taking ownership of our own health, and not pass it off to someone else to take care of.

If you feel that you or someone you know may benefit from this newsletter series on thyroid health, please forward this to them and have them sign up for my newsletter here:

About the Author

Amanda-GoodwinAmanda Goodwin, The Holistic Health Coach, decided to become a health coach after overcoming her own autoimmune health challenges and fulfill her passion for helping others with chronic illnesses.  Amanda wants to help you get your health back to a state of thriving, not just surviving. Amanda received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NY as well as Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® in CA, and is a member of International Association for Health Coaches (IAHC). Her most recent accomplishment was receiving a scholarship and training at The Hashimotos Institute. As well as Andrea Nakayma’s “Holistic Nutrition Lab: Reframe Nutrition” Workshop. Amanda leads workshops and offers group, couples and individual health and wellness coaching to any individual who wants to change and transform their lives. She is energized by working with people who are ready to commit to changing their lives. Have you lost your health? Let Amanda help you get it back! Contact her to set up a Free Health Consultation here. Sign up for her newsletter and please follow her on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Link to original publication:


October 7, 2016

Aimee McNew, a Certified Nutritionist, compiled a round-table blog post of thyroid and autoimmune experts for Kettle and Fire bone broth that answers the following question:

How does bone broth benefit thyroid disease or other autoimmunity? How do you use it with your clients/patients?

Here is my contribution:

“How does Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis occur?

1. Genetics
2. Intestinal Permeability
3. Exposure to trigger(s)
4. Auto immunity: Hashimoto’s, Crohn’s, MS, Lupus, etc.

All of these need to be in place for an auto immune disease to occur. Therefore, if you have an auto immune disease, you need to address your digestion and remove the trigger(s) to avoid other auto immune diseases!

The Transforming Lives Coaching Program includes a recommendation to use mineral filled bone broth to mend the intestinal lining. Bone broth may also help your hair, skin, nails, cellulite and strengthen the immune system to prevent colds and the flu. Bone broth may not be suitable for everyone, as food sensitivities are an issue with some individuals.” ~ Health Coach Amanda Goodwin

For more info on Health Coach Amanda visit her website:

I am honored to have been a part of this round table with people like: Amy Myers, Sara Gottfried, Jen Wittman, Jolene Brighten, David Borenstein, Alaena Haber and many more! Check out the link!!!!


Here’s what people are saying about Health Coach Amanda’s Autoimmune Class:

*I’m telling my friends “They gotta go” to this class.
*I best liked the info on how and what to test for with autoimmunity and learning about the coaching program.
*I am surprised by the long list of how many diseases are linked to autoimmunity/leaky gut. I had no idea there were that many!
*I liked the info on how some diseases can be linked.
*So many things that were discussed I identify with: The autoimmune issues, the thyroid, leaky gut etc.
*This class was very helpful and for those looking to change their health, this class and the coaching program would be very helpful.
*This class provided us with information that we need to know!
*I liked hearing about the thyroid. I just listen to the doctor and take their medicine.
*I definitely would encourage friends to come to this class!
*Thank you so much, great info!
*Very informative / Good info.
*Very interesting, good coaching program.

Here’s what people are saying about Health Coach Amanda’s Sugar Blues Class:

*Great Info, New Info, Good Tips, Very Informative
*Wonderful tips and teaching
*Really makes you think about everything good and bad that you may be eating and not even know it
*I learned about the amount of hidden sugar in foods
*This is a great way to improve your health and lose weight
*Things I thought were good to eat, actually are not. I found I eat more sugar than I had thought. This was an eye opener!
*I was surprised to find out how much sugar is in the food we eat
*I learned about how sugar affects our body
*Thank you for teaching us how to calculate how much sugar is in products
*I like the Sugar Substitutes chart

After the Sugar Blues Class, the VNA turned my Lunch & Learn hour, handouts and lecture into a test.  If employees attended the class and passed the test, it was counted toward their monthly requirement for in-house hours!  So glad I was able to help them personally and professionally.

Thyroid Overview For The Newly Diagnosed Thyroid Patient

September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

Contrary to popular thinking, thyroid cancer is not an “easy” cancer.  Cancer is Cancer!  There are many complications added to your life, if you do not have a thyroid. After thyroid cancer treatment, it can be very challenging to regulate thyroid hormones and eliminate symptoms. (I’ve seen people with severe reactions to low calcium levels as well.) Your thyroid is responsible for many functions throughout the body; EVERY cell has a thyroid receptor!  That is why there are so many symptoms related to thyroid disease. Think of your thyroid as you would the engine of your car.  Without the engine you wouldn’t get very far.

 There are many types of Thyroid Diseases:

Over-active, under-active, thyroiditis, Graves, Hashimotos etc.  I happen to have Hashimotos, an under-active thyroid caused by underlying issues.  I also have another autoimmune condition called Crohn’s Disease, as wells as leaky gut, and candida-yeast.  Several things in my life have contributed to me having Hashimotos; head injuries and car accidents, silver/mercury fillings, stress, undiagnosed food sensitivities, birth control pills, underlying gut infections (Epstein Barr, C-Diff) and antibiotics.  My thyroid is enlarged and scarred with nodules from the progression of the disease because the doctors choose the “let’s wait and see what happens” approach.  I watched my thyroid get farther and farther out of range, before they decided they would prescribe medication.  Had I found a natural doctor in the beginning, I may have been able to intervene and heal my thyroid. (That’s why I want to make sure everyone gets diagnosed early and properly.)

We should do everything we can to not lose our thyroids to cancer, as it is responsible for so many functions in our body.

What causes thyroid diseases? 

Genetics plays a small part, while environmental exposure plays a larger role. Too much or not enough iodine in the diet or being exposed to iodine contrast during a CT scan can cause an autoimmune thyroid flare.  Following the S.A.D diet, (Standard American Diet) which is full of calories, inflammation and devoid of nutrients, creates a lack of vitamins and minerals that are vital to thyroid health.  (Such as Selenium and Vitamin D.)  Thyroid issues can also come from infections, toxins, low stomach acid, gut issues, food intolerances and allergies. (Gluten, dairy, soy and raw goiterigens are key players here.)

Here are a few symptoms you can look for to determine if you may be suffering from a thyroid condition:

  • Low body temperature
  • Fatigue
  • Hoarse voice
  • Hair loss, or coarse brittle hair that tangles easily
  • Skin rashes or hives
  • Losing the outer third of your eyebrows
  • Bulging eyes
  • Irregular periods
  • Tremors
  • Infertility, miscarriage or postpartum depression
  • Constipation
  • Dry skin
  • Fullness in neck – choking sensation
  • Air hunger
  • Hard to swallow pills
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Irregular heart beat (too fast or too slow)
  • Blood sugar issues
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Irregular response to reflexes of the knee & Achilles
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Brain Fog

If you think you have a thyroid condition I would suggest you see a functional medicine doctor,  an integrative doctor or a naturopathic doctor as opposed to an endocrinologist or a general practitioner who might not understand all the underlying causes of thyroid disorders and how to properly test and treat those conditions. But, always trust your gut instinct, if you think something is wrong or the doctor is not listening, you should get a second or third opinion.

Here are just a few labs I would suggest to get you started:

  • TSH.  Ideally, you would want that number to be at a one, in the reference range.
  • Free T4 and Free T3.  You want to make sure the T4 and T3 are “free” to get the measurement of what is available. (Not bound) Ideally you want T4 and T3 to be in the upper end of the reference range to avoid brain fog, anxiety, depression etc.
  • Reverse T3.  RT3 is to be done at the same time you test the Free T3, to calculate your ratio between the two.  RT3 should be in the lower end of the range.
  • Thyroid Antibodies. You need both TPO and TgAb.  If positive, you have an underlying autoimmune issue.  All the thyroid medicine in the world will not help the autoimmune attack. You need to address the underlying issues.  Find and address the reason for the inflammation and autoimmune attack.

Remember to get a copy of your blood test lab results, legally they are YOURS!  This is a great way to be able to see the reference ranges to help establish if your thyroid treatment is working.  You want to be optimal, not just ‘normal!’

Drug/Therapy Options:

We are all individuals and will respond to treatment differently.  What works for one person may not work for another.  Like the saying goes, ‘one man’s cure is another man’s poison.’

Synthroid, Levoxyl, Oroxine, Levothyroxine, Eltroxin, Unithroid are synthetic drugs usually prescribed by medical doctors.  The problem with these medications is that they usually only contain T4 so if you are unable to convert it to T3 you are still going to have thyroid symptoms, despite having a normal TSH.  These drugs also have potential dangerous fillers, such gluten, lactose, acacia (Which can cause a reaction like you would see with hay fever/pollen allergies) and can deplete your iron and calcium which may cause other health complications.  You can try a more natural approach by using Natural Desiccated Thyroid or NDT, which contains both T4 and T3.  Examples of NDT include Armour, Nature-Throid or Westhroid, EcoThyroid, ThyroGold etc.  You can also try compounded prescriptions or Cytomel, which is a synthetic form of T3.  Again, listen to your body and use whichever thyroid replacement works best for you.

It is also always best to make sure you take your thyroid medication on an empty stomach and away from coffee, calcium, iron etc.

I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s, which is an autoimmune condition. 

Crohn’s then set me up for contracting other autoimmune conditions.  Once you have one AI disease, you tend to develop others.  For me this has manifested as Hashimotos, under-active hypothyroidism. You may have rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, MS or one of the other 100 autoimmune diseases.

Healing from Hashimotos has proven to be much more difficult than healing from Crohn’s.  I have quite the balancing act as Crohn’s seems to require one diet while my thyroid needs a different diet.  Poor gut health affects the thyroid, and low thyroid affects gut health. A strong digestive system and properly functioning liver are essential for the conversion of T4 to T3.We should look at our bodies as a whole system, not just individual body parts. We are physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic beings. Hashimotos has taught me we are all unique and need to adjust our diets at different times in our life. Crohn’s has taught me to give up on being perfect. I have to do what I can when I am able and not use up all my energy to the point of exhaustion.

I’ve learned so much from my illnesses and I want to help others get their health back, or better yet, to prevent diseases in the first place. Health and healing is a life long journey, it is a marathon, not a sprint.

About the Author

Amanda-GoodwinAmanda Goodwin, is a Holistic Health Coach, she works with those who have autoimmune conditions such as Crohn’s and Hashimoto’s. Her passion is helping others with chronic illnesses.  She loves to watch clients transform and get back to living their life! Join her program, to have better sleep, more energy, and less pain. Working together, you can prevent future complications from your disease. Would you like to thrive, not just survive? Contact Amanda to set up a complimentary health consultation: 717-781-7098. If you would like to learn more about Health Coaching and the Transforming Lives Program, visit her website:, and sign up for her newsletter. Please follow her on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I, Amanda Goodwin am honored to be one of the Administrators for the FB Group –Hashi’s & Graves Thyroid Nation RADIO Talk Show. I am humbled to be listed among a TON of huge players in the group such as, Dr. Alan Christianson, Andrea Nakayama, Izabella Wentz, Suzy Cohen, Dana Trentini…etc

See the guest blog on Danna’s, Thyroid Nation website here:


“Non-Compliant” Patient, Amanda Goodwin, Turns Holistic Health Coach, Who Helps Others with Autoimmune Disease.

Amanda Goodwin’s Interview with  Jaime A. Heidel from “I Told You I was Sick” 4/15/15

1. What is your earliest memory of health problems?

As an infant, I suffered from jaundice, colic, and allergies. When I was very young I remember passing out very easily. In my preteen and early teen years, I started experiencing severe stomach pains.

2. When did you first realize you were different from others?

I realized I was different from others around preschool and early elementary school. I always had this nagging feeling that everyone else felt better than I did. At an early age, I began to distrust doctors.

3. What autoimmune diseases have you been diagnosed with?

I have been diagnosed with Crohn’s (IBD) and Hashimoto’s (underactive thyroid). I suspect other conditions but have not been tested or diagnosed specifically.

4. How does living with autoimmune disease affect your daily life?

I have learned to accomplish my daily tasks according to how I feel and pace myself to preserve my energy for the next day. I’ve had to let go of my perfectionism.

5. Do you use prescriptions to treat your condition?

I do not take any prescription medications at this time. I control my diseases with diet, lifestyle, and supplements.

6. What natural protocols have worked best in treating your condition?

For the Crohn’s, I would say diet played a huge role. I started off following The Maker’s Diet and now follow the Autoimmune Paleo diet. For my thyroid and adrenal fatigue, I would say the biggest help has been yoga and stress management.

7. What was the worst thing a doctor has ever said to you?

As I was having a fever of 103+ for 8 months, stomach pains, and severe diarrhea with blood…the doctor said,

“Stop thinking about it and it will go away.”

I felt as though she was implying it was “all in my head.” This made me feel helpless and alone…like she was not really listening to me.

 I’ve also had doctors scold me for pursuing natural alternatives. I’ve been told what I’m doing is “Voodoo”, that “too many vitamins will make you toxic,” and that “You are a difficult/non-compliant patient”, etc. And my number one pet peeve, is when they tell me, (even now) “Diet has nothing to do with improving or worsening your condition.”

8. How did a lack of belief, understanding, and emotional support affect you?

The longer it took to get a diagnosis from the Crohn’s (about 8 months), the more friends I lost. They did not understand why I could not spend time with them. I also think family viewed my autoimmune condition as something I would get over, like a cold or the flu.

They couldn’t grasp that I would be dealing with this all day, every day for the rest of my life.

It can be very isolating and lonely when you are in pain – at times I just wished it would end. When the doctors were not listening and I was getting worse and worse I seriously was afraid that I was going to die!

9. What is the one thing you would tell everyone with autoimmune disease to do or stop doing?

If you want to improve your health and autoimmune diseases, I would suggest revamping your diet by specifically removing sugar, gluten, and GMOs.

10. In your opinion, what are the causes of the rampant rise in autoimmune disease in the past thirty years?

  •  Our food supply & the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.)
  • Chemicals, toxins, preservatives, colorings, etc.
  • Stress – From doing too much, emotional and financial stress. Also, stress from chemical and food sensitivities.
  • Prenatal health, pregnancy, vaginal birth, breastfeeding, and first foods must be taken very seriously (from a natural, holistic approach).

 Explain the services you provide.

Thank you for this opportunity to inspire others on their wellness journey.

As a health coach, I work with those who have autoimmune conditions such as Crohn’s and Hashimoto’s. My passion is for preventing, slowing down the progression, and reversing chronic illnesses.

I love to watch you transform and get back to living your life!

By participating in my program, you can have better sleep, more energy, and less pain. Working together, we can prevent future complications from your disease. Would you like to thrive, not just survive? Contact me to set up a complimentary health consultation: 717-781-7098.

If you would like to learn more about Health Coaching and the Transforming Lives Program, visit my website: While there, you will also learn more about my health journey and find links to follow me on my social media pages.

If you wish to obtain health tips, recipes, encouragement, and learn about upcoming workshops, sign up for my newsletter:

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*Disclaimer: The information provided in this interview, website, and blog are general guidelines and tips and should be viewed as such. Before trying any new supplement, exercise program or dietary lifestyle, check with your doctor first. Please continue to see and be treated by your doctor. This information is just a guide and is not acting in the capacity of a doctor, psychologist, or other licensed or registered professional. The information received should not be seen as medical or nursing advice and is not meant to take the place of seeing licensed health professionals.  (I am not a doctor and I can not diagnose or *treat* any conditions.)     In the title, the word *”treats”* was chosen by Jamie.

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September  2016 Edition of Natural Awakenings Magazine.

I’m honored to be in this issue focused on yoga! Yoga is a great way to recover from adrenal fatigue, as it calms down our nervous system.  Yoga is also calming to the immune system and helps to bring blood flow into the thyroid.  Movement with breath is easier for some, compared to meditation.  Yoga is a great way to learn how to breathe properly and a great way to detox. 

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I’m honored to be in the issue focused on yoga! Yoga is a great way to recover from adrenal fatigue, as it calms down our nervous system.  Yoga is also calming to the immune system and helps to bring blood flow into the thyroid.  Movement with breath is easier for some, compared to meditation.  Yoga is a great way to learn how to breathe properly and a great way to detox.  If you are looking to add yoga to your life I know a few wonderful yoga teachers, send me an e-mail and I’ll gladly give you their names!


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Amanda is Featured in:

From 2014-2016 I was on The Healthy Grocer’s (Camp Hill, PA) Wellness / Find a Practitioner, website page for Health Coaches and Nutrition: (Update 7/7/16, this store has recently changed ownership, and their website no longer lists local practitioners. They also no longer hold educational workshops.)

I am also listed under Holistic Practitioners in Hanover PA, which serves York, Adams and Carroll counties.“The mission of Holistic Practitioners Network Hanover ( is to serve our community by offering a resource of information and opportunities to learn about and experience various modalities in the holistic health venue, thereby aiding the individual in their own search for health and well-being. Our goals are to increase public awareness and understanding of holistic therapies that can support good health and well-being.” …

You can also find me listed under Natural Awakenings – South Central PA Edition, Community Resource Guide Listings:

I am featured under Pentti Nupponen’s Professional Referrals Page.  Pentti is the owner of Hallifax Center for Holistic and Cosmetic Dentistry. TELL HIM (OR THE OFFICE STAFF) I SENT YOU, FOR A POSSIBLE DISCOUNT ON YOUR FIRST VISIT. Read how Dr. Nupponen helped me here:

 I am a member of the Central Pennsylvania Holistic Network Amanda Goodwin of Amanda Goodwin LLC, The Holistic Health Coach That Transforms Lives! I offer:
* Individual & Group Coaching Programs
* Health & Wellness Workshops
* My passion is for helping others with chronic illness so they can thrive not just survive.
* My specialty is autoimmune conditions such as Crohn’s and Hashimotos, as I have both personally, and manage them naturally!
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Phone: (717) 781-7098 If you would like to know more, visit this link: 

I am honored to be one of the Administrators for the FB Group —Hashi’s & Graves Thyroid Nation RADIO Talk Show. I am humbled to be listed among a TON of huge players in the group such as, Dr. Alan Christianson, Andrea Nakayama, Izabella Wentz, Suzy Cohen, Dana Trentini…etc.

To see Amanda’s listing as a Hashimoto’s Practitioner visit this link.  (Click USA, then click PA.):

I am included in Your Family Farmer’s Wellness Directory.

“Welcome friends! We are thrilled to present this Wellness Directory as a gift from Your Family Farmers.

Our vision for this service was sparked by repeated concern and inquiries from families like yours. Many of you express frustration because your current health providers do not respect your choices. Some providers imply that you as parents are uninformed and gullible for making conscious choice for traditional, whole, unprocessed, organic foods. Some are alarmed that you, as a mom or dad, make an educated, informed decision for raw milk and nourish your children with the same. Or maybe they simply don’t recognize the nutritional superiority and health-building effects of grass-fed chicken, eggs, beef, raw milk, butter, cheese and kefir.

After listening to your stories and feeling your frustration, we hit upon a novel idea! What if we would create a searchable directory of wellness providers that do understand? That way we could connect you to providers you can trust to give sound, professional advice and expertise while supporting instead of discouraging your family’s nutritional journey.

Thus Your Family Farmer Wellness Directory was born! We have personally contacted each of these providers and shared our farming philosophy, and food production ideology as well as a list of the foods we offer. They each give their enthusiastic support to our organic, sustainable, Ecofarming methods and foods.

At Your Family Farmer, we are convinced that when Health Food Farmers connect Health Conscious Families to supportive Healthcare Providers that everyone wins. We think you will agree.”

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Amanda Goodwin is listed under the Health Coach Group Directory:

Amanda Goodwin

State / Province – PA

Bio – Amanda Goodwin, The Holistic Health Coach that Transforms Lives, decided to become a health coach after overcoming her own autoimmune health challenges and fulfill her passion for preventing, helping others with chronic illnesses.

Amanda leads workshops and offers individual and group health & wellness coaching programs, to anyone who wants to change and transform their lives.

Coaching Credentials – Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Education Credentials- Member of International Association for Health Coaches (IAHC)

My Ideal Client – If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and are committed and ready to make changes, to go from surviving to thriving, give me a call!

Primary Specialization – Autoimmune Disorders – Crohn’s & Hashimotos

Secondary Specialization – Digestion – Thyroid – Weight Loss – Pain Management

Third Specialization – Transforming Lives

Website –

Facebook –

Email – Transformation@AmandaGoodwin.Biz

Phone – 717-781-7098

IIN_HealthCoach badge    IAHC

I am an *Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. In 2014 I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NY and am a member of (IAHC) International Association for Health Coaches. I decided to become a health coach after overcoming my own autoimmune health challenges and fulfill my passion for helping others with chronic illnesses.  I want to help you get your health back to a state of thriving not just surviving! Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Then don’t delay, call today for a free health consultation 717-781-7098.

*Earners of this designation have demonstrated an ability to understand and utilize a wide range of dietary and nutrition theories within the realm of health coaching. They are also proficient in time management, active listening and accountability. They educate and guide clients to make behavioral changes resulting in improved nutrition and dietary habits, physical ability, and overall greater health and wellness.

 FDN Logo frm the FB PG

Amanda received her training from Reed Davis at Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® in CA in 2015-2016.  As a Certified Functional Diagnostic Practitioner I avoid diagnosing and treating disease by helping each client rebuild their health. FDN is a type of detective, that seeks to identify and correct the underlying causes and conditions that lead to the patient’s health complaints, while providing intelligent relief care. FDN bridges the gap between the medical community and functional medicine.

As a certified FDN practitioner, I can run functional lab tests (Blood, saliva, urine and stool) to identify HIDDEN malfunctions that need to be corrected in order to build health. I help clients work on the underlying causes and teach them a model of self-care, using the D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® Protocol, so that they can take care of themselves and stay healthy for the rest of their life!

Hashi Institute Logo

I graduated from the Hashimoto’s Institute which is taught by Dr. Alan Christianson, NMD, Andrea Nakayma, Nutritionist- CNE, CHHC, CNC and Dr. Izabella Wentz, Pharmacist- PharmD, FASCP.  The mission of the Hashimoto’s Institute is to transform the treatment of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis worldwide through clinician and patient education efforts.

To see my listing as a Hashimoto’s Practitioner visit this link.  (Click USA, then click PA.):

Because I was enrolled in the Hashimoto’s Institute, I was also able to attend Andrea Nakayma’s “Holistic Nutrition Lab: Reframe Nutrition.” I received frameworks to assess client care. In this “workshop”  I learned NINJA-LIKE SKILLS that will allow me to:

*Find the root cause of my clients’ symptoms (Even the super complex cases!)

*Create client compliance without being pushy or overbearing

*Be recognized as a valuable and trusted leader of your clients’ healthcare team

*Become a vital player in the healthcare revolution (We are needed!)

January of 2019 I took two courses through Michael McEvoy’s Metabolic Healing school.  These courses were: Functional & Nutritional Blood Chemistry Analysis, and Mastering Functional Lab Test Analysis.

This is how Michael describes these courses:

“1. Functional & Nutritional Blood Chemistry Analysis
​​​​​​​When I made this course, my intention was to make it the most provocative and educational course on functional blood chemistry analysis in existence.

I teach 75 blood chemistry markers, but do so from the perspective of physiological function.

I also teach protocols for each part of the course, and give the student ample case study examples through which to learn. In this course, I’ve distilled and condensed my knowledge of blood chemistry analysis into this education-charged course.

2.  Mastering Functional Lab Test Analysis
​​​​​​​When I first released The Lab Analysis course, I dripped the content over the course of 4 weeks to a large group of hungry clinicians who all wanted to get the most cutting-edge clinical training and insights.

This course is charged with topics and information not covered in any other courses.

You will learn Organic acids testing, key insights from stool and GI testing, important patterns to look for in hormone testing.

The last module of the course features an hour long, in-person interview with Sandeep Gupta, MD on the subject of mold illness and CIRS.

Our Functional Lab Analysis course has become our most popular training program.” – Michael McEvoy with Metabolic Healing.

In February of 2019, I continued my education with Metabolic Healing and completed the Blood Sugar & Insulin Mastery Course.

This is how Michael, the creator describes the course:

“When creating the Blood Sugar & Insulin Resistance course, I intended to create a course that links together 4 key aspects:

• The cellular biology and biochemistry of glucose metabolism
• The most relevant blood chemistry markers
• The research literature for the most important nutraceuticals and botanicals that modulate glucose and insulin signaling
• A complete and effective 30-day Blood Sugar Optimization Program that ties together: testing interpretation, diet, and therapeutic protocols.” – Michael McEvoy with Metabolic Healing.

I also have personal experience with overcoming autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s and Hashimoto’s.  You can read by personal bio and story here:

I love to watch my clients transform and get back to living their life! I help to give clients their life back, by decreasing their pain, creating better sleep and therefore build more energy, through diet and lifestyle changes. By working together, we can help you to once again thrive, not just survive. Does that sound like something you would be interested in? Or do you know anyone with these conditions that could benefit from my services?

Health Coaching is a Partnership! A partnership between the coach and the client. The relationship between the client and themselves. The coach with the client’s other healers/doctors and the client with those healers. This Holistic, Patient-Care Approach insures better outcomes! In this setting personal relationships, communication and empathy allow room for growth and healing to all involved! Do you need a health advocate? Call for a free consultation today! 717-781-7098 or email Transformation@AmandaGoodwin.Biz