Living With Autoimmunity Is Exhausting

Do you feel like you are carrying an anchor around your neck all day? Is it hard to do everyday tasks? 


Hello, I am Amanda Goodwin. I am a virtual, holistic health coach who specializes in autoimmunity!  I work with those who have thyroid issues such as Hashimoto’s or digestive issues like Crohn’s Disease.  You see, I myself have overcome these autoimmune challenges.

If your disease and your symptoms of your disease consume your life and how you live, keep reading. 

If you struggle with spending hours at the doctor’s office or emergency room and are not getting answers or relief, taking loads of medication that do not help, (or are causing more symptoms) running around getting more labs and tests done without any answers, but cost a lot of money and are adding to your debt, are feeling ignored, left out, isolated, lonely, misunderstood, like you have fallen through the cracks and are afraid of dying, or being a burden on your family, feeling stressed, frustrated, helpless, fatigued, exhausted,  to the point of wanting to sleep all day, which leaves you feeling lazy or like a failure, have hair loss, rashes, brain fog, memory issues, joint issues, cholesterol and blood sugar issues, digestive upset, constipation/diarrhea, bloating, heart burn, anxiety, depression, guilt, insomnia and PAIN…

… and instead want to feel great again.  To experience a good strong immune system, to feel empowered, happy, have energy, freedom, vitality, confidence, strength, stamina, deep restful sleep, peacefulness, a calm and relaxed outlook on life and on your and future, less pain, improved libido, be active and try new things, get back to living your life by gardening, biking, walking, traveling, socialize with friends, exercising and playing with your children, volunteering or getting back to your hobbies, and excelling at your job; then this coaching program is for you!

There is no reason to feel older than your age!  So if you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and are ready to go from surviving to thriving GIVE ME A CALL TO SET UP YOUR FREE 30 minute “Master Your Autoimmunity Call.”  ($50 value)  717-781-7098  Transformation@AmandaGoodwin.Biz

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If you have an autoimmune disease, then you have inflammation.  Inflammation is a condition which affects many people. We all know that reducing inflammation is essential – but, it’s not an easy task when most food items on the grocery shelves wreak havoc on the body. Of course, it isn’t always easy to remain entirely on the ‘outside’ aisles of the grocery store.  So, what do you eat to reduce inflammation and what should you avoid? This is exactly what I cover in this e-book.

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