Local Farmers in South Central PA

List of local farmers.  (Eggs, chicken, turkey, beef etc.)   

(You can try some of these in smaller portions at Sonnewald Natural Foods before buying the whole side of a beef for example….to make sure you like the taste.)

For Chicken, eggs and beef contact Alvin and Lydia Beiler of Gap View Acres at 1094 Gap Road Kinzers PA. 717-391-9416.

For Grass-fed Angus, Lil’ Ponderosa Ent. with Bob Boyce 1711 Gabler Road, Chambersburg Pa.  717-264-6787. https://lilponderosa.com/

Swissland Acres 10618 North Main St extended, Glen Rock PA 717-227-9271. Marc Shearere

Eberly Poultry  1095 Mt. Airy Rd Stevens. PA 717-336-6440.

Clarks Cromer – Chicken Farm – 65 Protectory Rd, Abbottstown PA.  259-6060.

Brisall Farm – Angus Beef- 717-744-5161 or 717-873-9336 brisallfarm@comcast.net

Texas Longhorn Beef Co – Mrs. Chris Mummert, 2074 Locust Rd, Spring Grove PA 717-637-3090.

M & M Farm, from Glen Rock PA – Scottish Highland Cattle.  717-235-2564.  Now in
New Freedom Farm Market and several stores.  They change markets often, so it may be best to check out their FB page as their website usually does not work.  https://www.facebook.com/MM-Farm-Highlands-167509929937311/?hc_ref=ARQ-Xtkx6e8vunJb-1EijSnXoZsEAT-86T_TfJlKBjMN05nb12PM7zbqfibpP3OPWug&fref=nf

Green Hills Farm 243 Summit Hill Rd, Quarryville.  717-786-8093. John & Annie Esh

Nature’s Sunlight Farm – 403 Centerville Rd, Newville PA 17241.  Mark and Mary Ann Nolt.  717-776-3417.

Rambling River Pastured Young Turkey, New Oxford PA. 717-624-2141

Swiss Villa LLC 786 Overlook Lane, Wrightsville PA 17368.  717-515-6160.  717-825-7475.

Wil-Ar Farms.  Wilmer and Arlene Newswanger.  76 Parker Rd Newville PA 17241.  717-776-6552.

Locust Point Farm – 430 Locust Point Rd, Elkton MD.  Beef, Pork, Turkey.  Looks like it’s pasture raised, grass fed and finished and maybe antibiotic and growth hormone free.  https://locustpointfarm.eatfromfarms.com/

Sunnyside Farm Dru Peters and Homer Walden.  Newberrytown PA.  They have fresh, never frozen turkeys for pick up at Provisions 56 and Farm to Freezer in York.      email: drupeters@yahoo.com or sunnysidedru@gmail.com 410-336-9735 www.sunnysidefarmpa.com

Nature’s Sunlight Mark and Marianne Nolt.  Newville Pa.  717-776-3417.  Ducks and chickens no turkeys.

Oyler’s Organic Farms.  William and Mary Ann Oyler.  Organic Apples.  400 Pleasant Valley Rd, Biglerville PA.  717-677-8411.

Cow-share programs for milk.  http://www.westonaprice.org and http://www.realmilk.com

Clearview Cedar Creek Farms – Jan & Ed Kessler.  292-5058. Clean Goat milk.

Caprine Delight Goat Dairy.  1778 Chambersburg Rd, Gettysburg PA.  717-334-3263.

LaDa Farms 4011 Emig School Rd Dover PA 17315.  717-308-2166.

The Brown Cow.  http://www.HopeAcres.com

Coulter Farms:  100% Grass Fed.  http://coulterfamrs.net

Apple Valley Creamery. Milk, butter, ice cream, as well as grass-fed meats, salmon etc.  www.applevalleycreamery.com East Berlin, PA.  They hold events and tours for you to check everything out and ask questions!  I believe they also do home delivery.

JACK STRAW FARM, LLC in Maryland.  Beef http://www.jackstrawfarm.com/

Blue Dog Farms – Grass fed beef  call or text  717-814-2744.   “Our cattle are raised with lots of love and care. We feed only 100% GMO free grasses and NEVER corn, silage or grain of any kind. They are NEVER given growth hormones and are outside on pasture (and in the sun) unless there is a terrible storm and then they are brought in to shelter. If a baby calf requires it we will give one shot of antibiotic within the first month of life but this is very rare. If you have questions or would like to talk to my husband who does this full time, please feel free to call him at 717-814-2744 or text.”  – Giana, wife / owner.  They have an email list you can join to receive notifications of sales.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/bluedogfarms/

4 Ever Moore Farm  – Turkey, Chicken, Chicken CSA & Pigs:  https://www.4evermoorefarm.com/

The Family Cow. Organic, raw, grass-fed milk, cheese and keifer starter grains.  Chicken, eggs, beef, garden produce etc. www.yourfamilyfarmer.com 3854 Olde Scotland Rd, Chambersburg PA 17202. (Where I buy our Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkeys.) *Delivered to 1094 Haines Rd York Pa 17402 – will need exact change. Chris 717-729-8642 or 717-729-1215.  UPDATE-8/16/17:  The Family Cow needs your help!  Help them fight Transource Energy who is proposing to build an Extra High Voltage (EHV) power transmission line straight through the middle of their 5th generation Family Cow organic farm, or they may be forced to close down their farm.  Learn more here: https://amandagoodwin.biz/a-local-farm-needs-your-help/

For those outside of South Central PA, you can check out US Wellness Meats  https://grasslandbeef.com/

Butcher Box – Grass fed and grass finished, not antibiotics or growth hormones.   https://www.butcherbox.com/

There are also CSAs for wild caught fish, such as salmon.

You can also check out Healthy Traditions (Formerly Tropical Traditions):  https://healthytraditions.com/grassfedtraditions

Here are also 10 important questions to ask your farmer whether they are in PA or another state or country:  https://www.meghantelpner.com/blog/10-important-questions-to-ask-your-farmer-at-the-market/

This site also helps you to know what questions to ask about each specific animal:  http://www.sustainabletable.org/2224/questions-to-ask

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