Mold Mini-Series

Mold and Biotoxins

On Monday 3/18/19 Health Coach Amanda Goodwin will start a mini teaching series on MOLD and how mold and biotoxins impact our brain, inflammation, gut health, and autoimmunity.

Many are in denial (Including doctors and nutritionists) and this needs to be addressed! When polled 9 out of 10 say “No I do not have a mold issue.” When in actuality almost every building, home, school, library etc. will have mold!

We will discuss symptoms, diseases mold exposure can lead to, testing (both the home and for your body) as well as strategies.

So be sure to join us by asking to join the group today. **Answer the 3 questions to be admitted.** We’d love to have you and I guarantee this is going to be shocking and eye opening for many! –>

Lemon with mold on it.  Mold min series starts 3/18/19.  Mold Impacts your immune system.
Hope to see you there!