Is your perfume causing your painful headaches?

Is your perfume causing your painful headaches?

When I am at events many come up to me and ask if I can help them with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?  This makes sense as I am the autoimmune expert at these events and many who seek me out have autoimmune issues or have chronic on-going illnesses

With the world of autoimmune diseases exploding, it’s no wonder many also suffer with these chemical sensitivities.  The immune system is on high alert and may be over reacting. 

Compound that with the amount of toxins being released into our world on a daily basis.  We are completely overburdened with a toxic load our ancestors never were exposed to. 

Unfortunately, I am not able to provide these people with this question an easy solution.  That is why I created the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Mini Series, to help address this growing issue!

Grocery Shopping can be a nightmare for those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity!

Who is this event for?  This event is for you, if you have been diagnosed with (MSC) Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, environmental illness, sick building syndrome or idiopathic environmental intolerance.  

But wait, this event may also be for you even without a diagnosis!

This event is also for you if you suffer from these symptoms when exposed to toxins:

Headache, fatigue, dizziness, congestion, nausea, itching, sneezing, sore throat, chest pains, changes in heart rhythm, breathing problems, muscle pain or stiffness, skin rash, diarrhea, bloating, gas, confusion, trouble concentrating, memory problems, and mood changes.

These symptoms appear for those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity when they are exposed to:  Tobacco smoke, auto exhaust, perfume, insecticide, new carpet, gasoline, carpeting, paint, chlorine, and much more.

Health experts do not all agree that this is an illness!  Some doctors suggest it’s an immune response similar to allergies. Others feel psychiatric conditions such as depression and anxiety play a role. This is why the go to solution in the medical world may be to place the person on SSRIs!! Others are placed on anxiety medication to help with sleep and headaches!! 

Is there a better way?  Is there a more natural approach?  Can you find the root cause as to what’s going on in those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?  Can relief be found?

That is exactly what I’ll be discussing in the Mini Series! 

So join the Facebook Group, Autoimmune Thrivers, May 13th to May 15thThere will be 3 full days of discussion covering Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in 9 posts.  (3 per day.)  You must answer all 3 questions to be admitted into the group.  Don’t worry they are painless, super easy and quick!

I look forward to seeing you in the group and helping you to get your life back!!  Click right here to join the group –>

Source for symptoms, exposures and medical solutions:

Bringing relief to those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity May 13-15.