Note From Health Coach Amanda On Appointment Availability

Heads Up!

As one client will be graduating soon…I’ll be available for a 7 PM time slot for consultations and coaching coming this OCTOBER.
IF YOU HAVE BEEN ON THE FENCE, BOOK NOW, evening appointments GO FAST! (I also want to note that mornings and afternoons are currently booked as well.)  This is for real, no hype!!

NOW is a great time to join…you’ll have support for all the upcoming holidays!!!  717-781-7098 Transformation@AmandaGoodwin.Biz

I also would like to mention I’ll be appearing at Leg Up Farmer’s Market for their Health Fair on 9/29.   ( Learn more here >> January when I attended the same healthy fair, I booked 10 health consultations from those I met!! So claim your spot now!


Learn more about available coaching programs here. >>

To get started, contact me TODAY for a free consultation!! 717-781-7098 Transformation@AmandaGoodwin.Biz


Health Coach Amanda Goodwin