Are you ready for cold and flu season? – Part One

  Despite having two autoimmune conditions, I do not get a flu shot. The average flu shot may contain a few strains of the flu that they are guessing will come to America.  So in that shot you may only be protected against 4 of the 50 or so possible…

Are you being “Pinkwashed”? Part Two

Breast Cancer Awareness Part Two Earlier in the month I discussed why I do not donate money to foundations for Cancer Awareness. After all, we are all ‘aware’ of cancer. Today let’s look at some ways that may hinder cancer: *Eliminate all sugar from your diet. Don’t think you are eating…

Are you being “Pinkwashed”? Part One

Breast Cancer Awareness Part One Today I’m writing about Breast Cancer Awareness as it is the first day of October. I want to point out that I do not run for “the cure”. This just puts money in the pockets of big corporations, very little goes to research. We should…


“Hold the vision. Trust the process.”  – Author Unknown Transformation can take time. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. It may not be easy, but your transformation will be worth it! As your Health Coach I will be there guiding you to victory! (717) 781-7098

Food is Information

Food Is Information The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.  – Ann  Wigmore Every time you eat, you have an opportunity to nourish your body. Food is fuel, eat to live, do not live to eat….