Transforming Lives Programs

One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up rather than what they will gain.

What will you gain by signing up for my program? Better sleep, more energy, less pain, more vitality, perform better at your job, save money, longer life, see your children graduate/get married…play with grandchildren, able to travel and go on vacation again, slow the progression of your autoimmune conditions….

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t about giving up the things you enjoy, but gaining something even more valuable.

It is rare for anyone to get an hour to work on improving their health with a trained professional. Especially with one who understands and has been in your shoes. I know how Autoimmune issues can cause isolation, create anxiety, and generate fear about your future.

Available Health Coaching Programs:

6 Month Transforming Lives Coaching Program

 *Always tailored to your individual health concerns.  

Best for 1-2 Chronic On Going Autoimmune Diseases with minimal symptoms. (Examples: Hashimoto’s and Diabetes for instance. Or Crohn’s and eczema.)


*Your specific health concerns, as well as:







Primary Foods



Gentle Detox

Mindful Eating

Underlying Emotional and Physical Stressors

Balance Hormones



Oral Health

Deep Breathing


Program Includes:

Two 50 min. sessions a month, for 6 months

1 e-mail check in from me, between sessions

Educational Handouts


Guidance and support

Non-judgmental, safe and confidential environment

My commitment to your success

Access to Health Coach Amanda’s educational Newsletter, Website, Blog, as well as posts on Twitter, Autoimmune Thrivers Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Pinterest, MeWe, FullScript, PracticeBetter and LinkedIn.

Typical Results:

Better digestion                                                                                                              

Weight loss

More energy

Better sleep

Reduced cravings

Reduced stress

Less pain & inflammation                                             

Gentle detox                                                               


Higher self-esteem

Lower blood sugar & Lower cholesterol

9 Month Total Transformation Coaching Program

Best for 2+ Chronic, On Going Autoimmune Disease & Those With Multiple Symptoms.  (For example, 2 or more autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s, Sjogren’s, Raynauds as well as hormonal issues, joint pain, high cholesterol, blood sugar dysregulation etc.) This is also perfect for those who want to dig deeper at finding their root causes using testing!

Program includes everything listed above in the 6 month Transforming Lives Coaching Program and it also provides: Two 50 min. sessions a month, for 9 months & it includes Testing. (Full Thyroid Panel & Food Sensitivity tests OR a GIMAP stool test.) 


You can read many glowing testimonies to see what others are saying about the programs and the results they have achieved:

Upon the completion of the 6 & 9 month Coaching Programs, you may schedule a one hour ‘Tune Up’ Wellness sessions, on an as needed basis.

Or you can continue on to the D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® Program.  In this program we use testing and investigative work to uncover hidden stress in the body.  You can learn more about this program here:

Are you ready to transform your life? Contact Health Coach Amanda today:

As I help many who have autoimmune and chronic illnesses, the 30 minute Consultation, the 6 month Transforming Lives Program, as well as the D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® Self-Care System are all conducted in the comfort of your own home!

This means there are no worries about traveling, or if you are not in my state.  As I too have gone through a Crohn’s flare, I know traveling can be an issue.  You no longer have to worry about the drive and arriving in time before you need a bathroom break.

Meeting over the phone is also helpful for those with other autoimmune and thyroid issues who also experience anxiety/depression.  Having phobias such as driving in traffic, or leaving your home will no longer hold you back.  I also remember when I was in my Crohn’s flare it was a chore just showering.  Showering and having a doctor appointment would put me down for the day.  Not to mention how weak you are just standing and walking.  Meeting over the phone should help to preserve your energy until you feel better!

Meeting solely over the phone allows me to reach more people who so desperately need my help!

Join me for a free health consultation to discuss your unique situation to determine how I can help you reach your goals. Learn more about consultations here:

Learn about available test kits here:

Learn more on how to contact me here:

You won’t find my office on your providers’ list. I have some good reasons why I don’t belong to your plan, reasons that could dramatically affect your health.

First, practitioners who sign insurance company contracts often discover that they can’t deliver optimum care. Instead, care is rationed. Patients must be dismissed before they are fully healed. Many necessary services aren’t even covered, especially in the area of prevention, nutrition and functional lab testing. Limiting care is profitable for the insurance company, but it can compromise patient satisfaction–and our reputation.

To maximize profit, insurance companies hire people to review our recommendations. Most of these “gatekeepers” lack even a working knowledge of functional medicine or clinical nutrition. It may even amount to “practicing medicine without a license.”

Worse, most insurance companies seem more interested in paper than patients. Huge amounts of paperwork are often required. It’s time-consuming, raises costs and takes us away from our primary mission of helping our patients and clients get and stay well. And insurance company contracts also attempt to govern how we run our business.

Your health is your most valuable possession. Please don’t gamble it with a practitioner who may try to serve two masters, or who was merely the lowest bidder.

Should you reach the same conclusions I have, please call or write so that we may demonstrate what affordable, yet independent functional medicine and clinical nutrition can do for you.

Health Coach Amanda

PS. If you’re like I used to be, you have likely been struggling to find the right doctor, the right tests, understand lab ranges, and the best medications for your body. You’ve likely tried a number of diets and strategies that haven’t worked.

I know how frustrating this can be, and how confusing it is to try to make sense of all the conflicting information out there.

That’s why I put together this guide! ~ Top 5 Tips to Optimize Your Thyroid!  Grab your guide here. >>