Learn from the stress in your life

What was the emotional stressor that threw you into an autoimmune condition?  What was that “last straw that broke the camel’s back”?  Now, go back 10 years to find the root cause. This way you can learn how to repair your body!

For me, the stress was marriage. 10 years before that I had “Fifths Disease” and my body was also impacted by the medications I took.

On this topic, Dr. Kalish says:  “When you have a stressful situation arise, cortisol (your fight or flight hormone) kicks in. The first thing that happens when cortisol goes up is the immune response in the gut starts to fall apart. Once your gut is compromised, it’s a steady snowball effect until you develop a full-blown autoimmune disease. If you think back to when you first started noticing that you weren’t feeling quite right, there is very often an emotionally stressful event that took place around or slightly before that time.”