Scope of Program

My 6 month program…

is not just about food.  Although you will learn how to include more water, greens, sweet root vegetables and protein while cooking with less sugar and processed foods, you will also learn how to listen to and nurture your body. Your custom made program also delves into consistent enjoyable movement, relationships, career, purpose, and spirituality. You will also learn how to detox your home, beauty, cleaning, and cooking products. We will address any sleep issues, cravings, digestion issues, or waning energy levels you may experience. It is important to keep a balance between work, finances, education, creativity, relationships, spirituality, joy, cooking, exercise, health, and social life.

Are you ready to take some time to rejuvenate yourself? Scheduling a Health Consultation and signing up for my 6 month program is the first step to creating a new you. By making that time commitment you will be well on your way to obtaining your health goals.

Amanda Goodwin ~ Transforming Lives