Sugar Blues Class Was A Success

25 attended the FIRST Lunch & Learn at the Hanover VNA!

Here’s what people are saying about Health Coach Amanda’s Sugar Blues Class:

*Great Info, New Info, Good Tips, Very Informative
*Wonderful tips and teaching
*Really makes you think about everything good and bad that you may be eating and not even know it
*I learned about the amount of hidden sugar in foods
*This is a great way to improve your health and lose weight
*Things I thought were good to eat, actually are not. I found I eat more sugar than I had thought. This was an eye opener!
*I was surprised to find out how much sugar is in the food we eat
*I learned about how sugar affects our body
*Thank you for teaching us how to calculate how much sugar is in products
*I like the Sugar Substitutes chart

Enjoy the 7 recipes you received!

If you missed this event, watch the Event Page for future classes:

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UPDATE:  After the Sugar Blues Class, the VNA turned my Lunch & Learn hour, handouts and lecture into a test.  If employees attended the class and passed the test, it was counted toward their monthly requirement for in-house hours!  So glad I was able to help them personally and professionally.  

PS. With so much evidence of the dangers of sugar, isn’t it time to get your Sweet Tooth under control? Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard, and I know from personal experience how much it matters. Are you ready to finally get over those sugar cravings, lose weight and feel great?  Sign up and immediately receive 5 Recipes to Kick Your Sugar Addiction! >>

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