Doctor checking a neck/thyroid.

Top 5 Thyroid Patterns´╗┐

I love helping clients understand their thyroid labs, what their numbers mean for them, and then what they need to do about it! Here Are The Top 5 Thyroid Patterns 1. Classic Hypothyroidism: TSH is high (Above 2) and T4 is Low, and T3 is normal. 2. Hypothalamus – Pituitary…

Water with fruit slices in it.

Infused Water Recipes For Weight Loss

Mix up some infused water to burn more fat and calories Infused water is a type of water that includes fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are infused in the water for added flavor. It is easy to make and is a great way to use produce without actually eating it….

Health Coach Amanda Is Featured In A New Book On Chronic Fatigue, A #1 Best Seller On Amazon

I AM SO EXCITED!!! AROUND THE TIME THAT I WILL BE IN BUSINESS AS A HEALTH COACH FOR 5 YEARS, THIS BOOK, (which I am featured in) WILL BE RELEASED!!! On page 86 under resources, I am listed as a health coach, beside the co-author (Gina) who is also an…

Is your perfume causing your painful headaches?

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Mini Teaching Series May 13-15, 2019.