“The Key To A Healthy Thyroid Handbook – It’s Time To Unlock Your Thyroid Master Plan”

In honor of June 20th being Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Awareness Day I am offering you a BRAND NEW handbook. It’s my most comprehensive book to date. It covers everything relating to the thyroid. It comes in at a whopping 89 pages!

That’s right, 89 pages because you’ll learn about adrenals, gut health, infections, toxins, inflammation, stress, nutrient deficiencies and how they all play a part in your thyroid health.

You’ll learn why TSH may not the best test to check the status of your thyroid and what a FULL thyroid panel should look like, as well as where the ranges should fall for optimal health. After all you want to be vibrant not just ‘normal/sick’ right?!

This book even covers antibodies, which are usually overlooked, and how to lower them. It also will provide ways to regrow thyroid tissue!! Wouldn’t that be great, to improve the damage done to the tissue of the thyroid gland?!

Once you read the book, if it sounds like you would benefit from thyroid replacement hormone, this book outlines what options are available to you. (As you may know, Synthroid is most commonly prescribed but helps very few people.)

Here is what one reader said who received an advanced copy: “This Guidebook Is Like GOLD To Me! It Transformed My Life!”

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P.S. I recently read and was featured in Zana Carver’s “The End Of Chronic Fatigue” BEST SELLER and feel that this new guidebook I am offer you, would be an EXCELLENT companion to her book. Read Zana Carver’s Book Review of The Key To A Healthy Thyroid Handbook here. >> https://www.thyroidcode.org/book-review-the-key-to-a-healthy-thyroid-handbook/

The Key To A Healthy Thyroid Handbook-It’s Time To Unlock Your Thyroid Master Plan”

What Readers Are Saying:

“I loved the book! Easy to read. It clearly explains the thyroid and associated conditions. Simple and clear. Loved it.” – Joelle – CEO and Founder, EFT Coach, Burnout expert at Joëlle’s Practice with offices in the UK and in France 6/9/19

Many are saying I should be charging at least $9.99 for this book!

3 thoughts on ““The Key To A Healthy Thyroid Handbook – It’s Time To Unlock Your Thyroid Master Plan””

  1. agoodwin says:

    TWITTER REVIEW 6/10/19

    “@AmandaGoodwinHC has written a fantastic thyroid book! Check it out!
    What you may not know is that Amanda helped shape my book and she really knows her stuff!!

    #thyroid #thyroidhealth #autoimmunethyroid” ~ ThyroidCodeZanaPhD @zana66771848

  2. agoodwin says:

    “Book Review: The Key to a Healthy Thyroid Handbook

    By Z. Carver 6/19/19

    Health Coach, Amanda Goodwin, has written an amazing resource for people struggling with their thyroid health. Now, many eBooks skimp on detail but The Key to a Healthy Thyroid Handbook is a stand-alone resource. Some of the topics covered include the causes of Hashimoto’s disease, essential tests, dietary considerations, nutrient deficiencies, how to improve gut health, adrenal fatigue, toxins, how to do a neck check . . . and MUCH more!

    As the primary author of The End of Chronic Fatigue, I had read extensively about thyroid health and thyroid fatigue. However, I learned new information from Amanda’s book, The Key to a Healthy Thyroid Handbook! Where my book leaves off, Amanda’s book fills in the details. Her handbook covers the how’s and why’s, and more of the practical application and tips to make suggested changes easier.

    The best part about this valuable resource is that The Key to a Healthy Thyroid Handbook is available to those who need it and FREE! Coming from someone who’s spent hundreds of dollars on thyroid books, you can save your money for better quality food and supplements. Amanda Goodwin has a big heart and has been there herself; she will guide you back to excellent thyroid health!”

  3. agoodwin says:

    “Amanda, I know you to be a person of depth and integrity! And the reviews are awesome. 👍👍” – The Hashimoto’s Project: walk talk dance sing (She then shared my guidebook with her following.) 7/25/19

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