Tips For Gluten Free Living

Tips For Gluten Free Living

I am so thrilled you’re here!  Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there when it comes to eating healthy?  Is gluten free just a fad or is it a real issue?   What’s the difference between Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity?  And does it really make sense to avoid some of your favorite foods?

I so get it and that’s exactly why I created this E-book for you!

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This testimony is from the 2 E-Books I recently released. (*Ebooks: Gluten Free Living and Understanding Inflammation: Foundational Blueprint)

Here is what one subscriber said:

“They have a lot of good information in them. People don’t really understand what diseases inflammation can lead to. Inflammation is a big focus for me and mitochondrial dysfunction as part of my business so I’m always reading and researching those topics. (That’s why she opted in.) You have a lot of great information in both E-books, that you are giving away FOR FREE! You are so generous by giving away so much free information with your e-books, newsletters and within the Autoimmune Thrivers FB Group.” (Just imagine what you get in my PAID Transforming Lives Coaching Programs!) ~ Donna V, Health Business Owner – 7/10/18 via Private Message in FB.

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For those who sign up for the Tips for Gluten Free Living book, you will receive a BONUS book, “Tips For Dairy Free Living!”

Did you know that many who have gluten issues also have dairy sensitivities?

This BONUS book is perfect for anyone with a dairy allergy, lactose intolerance, or is interested in a healthier option. 

This book has detailed guidance about:

  • Dairy allergy and intolerance
  • How to eliminate dairy
  • Hidden sources and smart substitutions

Read it. Looks great. Very easy to understand. Full of useful information👍🏻❤️” – Pamela, past client and featured Transformation Story in the book. 8/15/19

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Tips For Dairy Free Living Book Cover
Tips For Dairy Free Living Book Cover