Top 5 Thyroid Patterns

January is Thyroid Awareness Month!  Do you know which of these 5 types you are? 

I love helping clients to understand their thyroid labs and what their numbers mean for them and then what they need to do about it!

Here Are The Top 5 Thyroid Patterns

1. Classic Hypothyroidism: TSH is high (Above 2) and T4 is Low, and T3 is normal.

2. (HPT Axis) Hypothalamus – Pituitary – Thyroid Issue: Low TSH 1.8 or under (Classically .9 or under) with a low FT4. This shows the brain is not communicating with the thyroid to make thyroid hormone.

3. Conversion Issue: TSH is OK around 1, T4 is normal or low normal, but T3 is Low, or very low. (Depending on the lab 60-100, for example.) This means the hypothalamus and pituitary are talking to the thyroid, as the T4 is there, but the body is not converting to the active form, T3.

4. Autoimmunity: Positive antibodies for Grave’s and or Hashimoto’s. You can have both, at the same time! (Some do test negative, even while having Hashimoto’s.) So this can also be seen by an ultrasound.

OR an OK TSH, Low Total T3 and Low Total T4, with a high Free T3 and High Free T4. So this makes it look like your Free T3 and FT4 are good at around 3.5 and 1.4, but because it’s low in the total form this means it’s not getting into your cells. So you’ll still have hypothyroid symptoms, even though the Free numbers look good on paper. These numbers are high because it’s building up in the blood, but not getting into the cells where it needs to be.

90% of those with thyroid issues have an autoimmune component to their thyroid pattern! All the T4 medication (Synthroid/Levothyroixine) in the world will not address the immune system.

5. RT3 another conversion issue. Because T4 converts to T3 and RT3 this ratio needs to be checked. (T3 to RT3) For example RT3 can be in range at 22, but that can be too high, especially if the Total and Free T4 and T3 are too low.

Do you know which pattern you are? (Or, do you have another pattern you have been diagnosed with such as Grave’s or Hyperthyroidism?)

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Please note: The suggestions and advice offered should never be construed for medical advice. I am not a medical doctor. Please see your doctor to diagnose and treat any medical condition.

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