Understanding Inflammation: Foundational Blueprint

Understanding Inflammation: Foundational Blueprint

Inflammation is a condition which affects many people. We all know that reducing inflammation is essential – but, it’s not an easy task when most food items on the grocery shelves wreak havoc on the body. Of course, it isn’t always easy to remain entirely on the ‘outside’ aisles of the grocery store.  So, what do you eat to reduce inflammation and what should you avoid? This is exactly what I cover in this e-book.

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Take care of your body with nourishing food, and rest, and your body will take care of you by repairing from the chronic inflammation that is holding you back from a healthy, energized life!


This testimony is from the 2 E-Books I recently released. (*Ebooks: Gluten Free Living and Understanding Inflammation: Foundational Blueprint)

Here is what one subscriber said:

“They have a lot of good information in them. People don’t really understand what diseases inflammation can lead to. Inflammation is a big focus for me and mitochondrial dysfunction as part of my business so I’m always reading and researching those topics. (That’s why she opted in.) You have a lot of great information in both E-books, that you are giving away FOR FREE! You are so generous by giving away so much free information with your e-books, newsletters and within the Autoimmune Thrivers FB Group.” (Just imagine what you get in my PAID Transforming Lives Coaching Programs!) ~ Donna V, Health Business Owner – 7/10/18 via Private Message in FB.

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