Who is Health Coaching For?

Who is Health Coaching For? (And, Who is it NOT for?)

Not sure if you are ready to work with Health Coach Amanda?

First, ask yourself these questions to see if your “Why” is stronger than your excuses.

  1. What is your main complaint?
  2. How often does it bother you?
  3. How long has it been going on?
  4. What have you tried so far that (hasn’t worked)?
  5. What does it prevent you from enjoying or doing?
  6. Is there anything in the way of getting healthier?

Then from there if you are still on the fence with deciding if Health Coach Amanda’s Transforming Lives 6 Month Health Coaching Program is right for you, ask yourself these questions.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most – How “Ready and Willing” Are You To:

*Change your diet?

*Take supplements?

*Keep records? (Fill out revisit forms, food journals etc.)

*Modify lifestyle?

*Practice relaxation techniques?


*Have periodic lab tests to assess progress?

*Confidence in your ability to follow through?

*Support Circle? (Friends, Family, Coach)

If you have a high number on most of these questions you are ready! (If not, you are NOT ready!)

Then as a reminder, with this commitment you (the client) give your word to:

  • Be coachable
  • Be open to new foods, concepts, and exercises
  • Fulfill on the commitments I make
  • Eat nourishing foods according to the guidance of my Health Coach
  • Exercise according to the guidance of my Health Coach
  • Finding a healthy balance between work and play
  • Give gratitude in the relationships in my life
  • Develop a listening to my body’s wants and needs
  • Powerfully deal with the stressors in my life
  • Begin and end our sessions on time

When you are ready to make the commitment to go from surviving to thriving give me a call.  Together we can Transform Your Life! Transformation@AmandaGoodwin.Biz 717-781-7098

Learn more about the free 30 minute phone consultation here >> https://amandagoodwin.biz/what-is-a-health-consultation-health-coach/

P.S.  Health Coaching is not covered by insurance and you can read more about that here >> be sure to scroll down to read the 4 comments under the blog as well.  >> https://amandagoodwin.biz/health-coach-hashimotos-practitioner-function-diagnosti-nutriton-practitioner-advantage-of-hiring-amanda-goodwin-april-30-may-6-is-small-business-week/

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    The Health Coach Should Not Be More Invested In Your Health Than You Are!

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