Why Do Some Meet Their Health Goals And Others Do Not?

I’ve been contemplating the thought of what encourages some to take action with their health and others to bury their head in the sand when they are given a diagnosis.

While listening to Dr. Tom O’Bryan at the 5G Summit in the fall of 2019 he mentioned a study that was done, on how to overcome addictions and what is the driving factor that encouraged changes and successful outcomes.

First let’s look at the 5 Stages of Change:

1.) Pre-contemplative – This person just isn’t aware of what is going on. They don’t know of the issues that are impacting their health. (This is where I come in as a coach. I try to make everyone aware of what is going on, the issues that are impacting your health and the health of your family. I also provide the testing to uncover hidden malfunctions in the body.)

2.) Contemplative. Now there are 2 sides to this stage. One side will move forward and change, the other will turn away and not change.

A.) The Skeptic – This person hears, contemplates but is skeptical so they may or may not believe in what they heard or read…but they look into it. They read, they explore they ask questions and do more research. This person may change!

B.) The Cynic – This person hears the news, thought, get the test results etc. but feels that what they learned about is nonsense. They will make no effort to change. They will turn their head and go back to their unexamined life. They may bury their head in the sand and instead of looking inward for answers and change within themselves, they look outside of themselves and ‘shoot the messenger.’ (Writes the messenger off as being crazy or nuts.) The one who was trying to educate them, make them aware of the issue in the first place. This person will NOT change.

3.) Take Action – After hearing the message this person will say “I’m in!” They are ready for Change! (As a coach, I also come in at this step to make your journey easier, faster and more successful.)

4.) Results – From the action and changes made.

5.) Keep it going – Only humans STOP, not animals with what IS working. You need to keep going, don’t stop.

So now back to the study.

To be successful those that overcame their addiction to food, alcohol or tobacco, they acknowledge which stage they were in and made a change from there. In order to deal with addiction, they needed to change their habits. (For the sake of this study, it was also pointed out that the 1000 individuals studied did this on their own, without the help of a counselor or psychotherapy.)

Recognizing where you are in the 5 Stages Of Change empowers you to move forward and take action. The resolve – the decision leads to action, and that action invokes change and results!

It comes down to you taking personal responsibility, preparing your mind, having tenacity and challenging the dogma. Make that choice, to take the chance, to see the change!

So, where do you fall in the 5 Stages Of Change? If you are at step 3 and ready to take action to reach step 4 & 5 – seeing results give me a call today to set up an action packed, results driven consultation! Transformation@AmandaGoodwin.Biz 717-781-7098