Why you need a Health Coach


Research suggests that up to 85 percent of chronic disease is caused by diet and lifestyle factors.
That means, in most cases, that the solution involves changes to those diet and lifestyle factors.
Making behavior changes like that can be difficult on your own.
Not long ago at my clinic, we realized that we could serve our patients better if we could offer them more frequent support. If they were going to successfully change their habits, then seeing me once every 60 to 90 days was not going to be enough.
If you are trying to change your diet and lifestyle, you need more help: you need more detailed questions answered, support for sticking with the protocol, and modifications to your program when necessary.
Clinicians are often too busy with other patients to provide this intensive level of care, but it’s the perfect role for a certified health coach or nutritionist with the proper training.
If you have chronic symptoms, but they aren’t bad enough that you need to be in the hospital, you could certainly still benefit from a comprehensive functional medicine approach. But in many cases diet, lifestyle, and behavioral changes may be all you need to mostly or even completely resolve your symptoms.
So, even if you’re working with a licensed clinician, you may want to consider working with a skilled *health coach*, nutritionist, or other allied provider to get the support you need to change habits and follow through with protocols successfully.
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Chris Kresser”  ~ Email I received from Chris on 8/8/17

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