Women’s Health Panel

Sale on Women’s Hormone Panel and let’s not forget Men’s Hormones!

Balanced hormones are essential to fertility, feeling balanced, live a vibrant life and transition through menopause without many unpleasant symptoms.  With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, this is a great time to also think about Women’s Health in general.

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Along with testing your hormones by blood, you can also test via saliva, across a month’s span.  This will give you a complete look at what may be going on with your cycle, not just a quick snap shot like you would see via blood.  However, DirectLabs is having a sale on hormone panels for the month of October.  You can order now, and have the lab drawn anytime in the next 6 months.  No doctor needed, no appointments necessary, and you get your results in a few days!

Here are the Panels DirectLabs is offering this month:

“Testoserone, Total (Women, Children & Hypogonadal Males)

Only $39

Regular Price: $69


Testosterone, Free w/ Total Testosterone

Only $49

Regular Price: $79


Basic Female Hormone Panel

Only $129

Regular Price: $207

The test includes: Testosterone Total & Free Estradiol

DHEA,s Insulin Progesterone


Basic Male Hormone Panel

Only $129

Regular Price: $207

The test includes: Testosterone Total & Free Estradiol DHEA,s



Click here to learn more: https://www.directlabs.com/?tabid=2492

So what do all these tests and your results mean?  Where should your numbers fall to have optimal health not just be passed off as “normal?”  Give me a call to set up a FREE Health Consultation to go over your health history and see if my services can help to bring your thyroid and heart back to optimal function.  717-781-7098 ~ Transformation@AmandaGoodwin.Biz

**Disclaimer:  The information provided in this blog/website is a general guideline and should be viewed as such.  Before trying any new supplement, exercise program or dietary lifestyle, check with your doctor first. I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose or treat any disease.